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    Ready For 2022

    Months away in WI. Bring on the fuel pump increases.
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    bonding system on Parker boats

    Big-tuna, galvanic isolator will help shore power issues if you have problem boats around you too.
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    Load Rite Trailer Customer Support

    I had a 5 Starr years ago, starting in 1998. Sold it and went up in size, features for a Tidewater in 2010. The Tidewater has only seen fresh water use and only a couple times a year. Had the wiring replaced 2 years ago and failed sooner really. Had splices, but was really odd was that it...
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    2820 Sleeping in Cabin While Under Way?

    Had some young children nap in the vee on a 2530 underway, when really tired. Otherwise nope. But I have fallen asleep at the helm underway! My wife falls asleep in a cockpit chair virtually every time underway, at least at non-planing speeds.
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    Cockpit Sunshade

    Is that custom cockpit coaming?
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    foul odor around holding tank on my 2510

    Though two mentioned it, have not heard of the foam smelling. I would maybe ease up on the liquid treatments, I have usually just occasionally sprayed Lysol around the tank. Maybe try an ozone generator some time?
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    Fuel Conditioner

    On an inboard/outboard add stabilizer each time add gas. For several years also been adding Lucas upper cylinder lubricant and fuel conditioner. Helps a turbine fuel flow sensor I have in the fuel line, and anything else in the engine.
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    Deck cleaning?

    Been using Orpine soap with wax for years. Around me now, one dealer West Marine bumped it up to a gallon instead of a quart. Not cheap. Works well. West Marine has a similar product now, smaller, I have one and will use it next time I wash.
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    '96 2530

    Stern and bow views attached.
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    2021 2302 Ride Quality

    Some other simple comments. The 25' has more beam so a long but skinny boat is good in head seas. Avoid stiff waves just off port or starboard, you and the boat will feel them. Direct head seas you can handle with a lot of splash. Smoother in the back as others said but if it is cold weather...
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    Spray Rails

    I looked into speed rails years ago, did not do it but made some sense. Similar idea. Otherwise you have to manage the lean from the wind with trim tabs though nothing is perfect.
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    I'm finding that a PH is not good for drifting in confined area

    If the 2 mph drift is pure current, would be interesting to know if the boat really points down current? I know if there was wind or wind and current I was often broadside. Keeping the pilot house door open helps to see forward. You can also try a sea anchor to aim the boat....
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    Time to Change the Engine Oil ...... Oil Guys

    I used to give my boat mechanic the oil, filter, fuel filter, etc., when he did the winterizing. A few years ago I stopped as it was hard to get straight 30 oil for the Volvo engine. He puts the oil in that makes sense. About 10 years ago I started putting Archoil oil treatment in a 6.0...
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    Enthol vs non-enthol

    I commented before on this touchy subject. So here is some sad stuff. Any fuel, remember to put the cap back on. Saw two boats over the years that left their cap off the fuel tank while in the water followed by heavy rains. Both had to get their fuel removed. Saw a beautiful sportfishing...
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    Enthol vs non-enthol

    This is a recurring discussion and will not go away. EPA allowed 15% ethanol and some gas stations will have small stickers that people may miss. Is supposed to be for automobiles but people that tow boats may mistake it when it gets in the market. 10% I used to run in MA. In WI there are...