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    Finally, got to play.

    I asked for a quote to install a Garmin pilot and was told 7 or $8000.00.
  2. J

    Finally, got to play.

    Yes. Great for trolling and docking. Use my stand alone station a lot.
  3. J

    Speaker Recommendations

    I have a beef up sound system installed in my 2520, Amp, sub woof, speakers. She sounds nice but drinks battery juice. I only run it when plug into dock power or when engines are running
  4. J

    Big Board planer board set ups on a 2320.

    I used rails on roof (2520) to attach cables for planer boards. Works well
  5. J

    Strength of 2520 2019 pilot house door how strong?

    Agreed someone going to stumble and grab the extinguisher bad news
  6. J

    Where to get cover for 2nd station?

    had one made for my 2520EL. Looks like the black posted above.
  7. J

    For those that pull planer boards

    rail on top of my 2520XL no problems works well.
  8. J

    New 2520XL

    Nice boat. I own same model 2012. Choptank River.
  9. J

    Battery charger mounting location

    my charger in aft steering station
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    2520 anchor windlass problem

    When using the windless do not keep pressing on the up and down button. Briefly touch the button. If you keep pushing on the button the windless will not function.
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    Kicker motor

    That was 2520 sorry
  12. J

    Kicker motor

    I got a 20hp Yamaha mounted on a Parker kicker bracket on my 2020 2012 model. Nice set up.
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    Parker 2520

    Really nice work.
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    Installing a kicker motor on the stock bracket

    I have a 20hp kicker for my 25 Pilot Hse. It is mounted on the Parker standard kicker bracket. It was installed by the dealer.
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    filler cushion

    I have cushions for a 2520 you can have for free. Baltimore 410 9164313