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    Sou'wester fuel tank question (few will know)

    I have an 89 Sowester 2520. I just had my tank replaced last month. It had a coating on it, but had degraded over the past 30 years and had pitting in the sides that were very close to causing Leaks. The issue is the open cell foam that Parker put in the hull between the stringers and to set...
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    2000 Parker 2520

    I still have these windows available. If they are not what you need. I believe that the windows in your model are made by Diamond Sea Glaze. here is a link to their website. They will make you anything you want. diamond-sea-glaze.
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    Full Set of Diamond Sea Glaze Windows for sale too large for my Sowester.

    I accidentally deleted PM from Ponga. PLease PM me if you are interested in these.
  4. Diamond Sea Glaze Windows

    Diamond Sea Glaze Windows

  5. 98111971_3284713591586175_6214375819666522112_o.jpg


  6. Rear Window Dimensions.jpg

    Rear Window Dimensions.jpg

  7. Side Window Dimensions.jpg

    Side Window Dimensions.jpg

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  9. Front Window Dimensions.jpeg

    Front Window Dimensions.jpeg

  10. Front Windows with Dimensions.jpg

    Front Windows with Dimensions.jpg

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