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    lovin the new green

    That's Fugly!
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    for sale - Parker 1801

    Check your PM's. Cash in hand
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    Re seal Deck plates

    Life caulk is the way to go. Just make sure you clean your surfaces up good before rebedding.
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    Washing Gas Tank ??

    Ditto. 8)
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    Ok, who is pulling out ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Hauled out, South Shore of long Island NY
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    2008 2100 DVCC Parker For Sale

    Nice boat! But why the 2 different sets of hull numbers?
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    Remove please

    Thanks guys! Its a great boat! But life has headed in a different direction for a bit, and its not gonna be used much.
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    Remove please

    Remove please
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    Wide open Fuel problem

    Check the vst filter, they can clog in a few hours sometimes. start from there and then look else where.
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    Diagnosis Please ......................

    Thats my thoughts exactly! Cheap maintance or a very costly repair.
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    2520 Sport Cabin mod-V repower

    Keep them coming please! Very interested in that motor.
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    Fuel Tank Replacement