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    Parts For Sale BAIT WELL from 2300CC 2020 $300.00 OBO

    Im in San Diego and have the same live well, seat posts and seats that I need to get rid of. Let me know if interested.
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    2007 Parker 2100 Custom NC Wildlife Officer

    How did you come to own it? Mine is an Ex Florida Fish and Games boat. I wonder if its beefed up as well? I bought it from a guy who purchased it at auction. He made a little money off of me :-)
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    2007 Parker 2100 Custom NC Wildlife Officer

    Very nice. I like the lower rub rail. Pretty cool you got the custom build sheet.
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    96' 23 SC Parker Tank Replacement

    Just one layer. I dont think it needs to be structurally that strong. The main reason for the glass is to seal any water from getting to the foam. And yes, I had the new tank made of 3/16 aluminum.
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    96' 23 SC Parker Tank Replacement

    If those shims are wood be sure the encapsulate them to seal out any water. You dont want those to go away on you. I bent my tabs out slightly and screwed them directly too the stringers. The second picture is the finished install using the Warthog method.
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    2100 DV Fuel Tank Replacement

    I also have a 96 DVCC. I just replaced the tank. It was heavily pitted but not leaking. I was in the middle of replacing about three quarters of the deck. The tank can come out without removing the console. Did parker send you drawings? I made my own and will post here if you like. My tank...
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    Bondo used in original construction?

    Well the decks are glued and screwed and the first layer of 10 oz is complete. I tabbed the deck to the sides with 1708. Next Ill run the final layer of 10oz cloth up about two thirds as high as I did the 1708 and across the entire deck. The new gas tank was installed using the Warthog method...
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    Looking at 1995 2320,what to look for?

    I bought my 1996 2100 about three years ago. It has spongy decks in some places. I thought it was a good price so I went for it. Its got a year 2000 Merc 225 2S that has about 1000 hours and still runs great. However the soft decks just kept getting softer. Now Im replacing three quarters of the...
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    Parts For Sale BAIT WELL from 2300CC 2020 $300.00 OBO

    I have the same set up as your old one. Im doing an almost full deck replacement. Thinking about a Bluewater bait tank and suspension pedestals. Can you post a picture of your new set up? Did you buy the new tank direct from Bluewater?
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    Newly Re-Hab'd 2520

    What chairs and pedestal combo are you going with? Im in the middle of my rehab. Not as extensive as what you have done. New decks and partial stringers buts its been a journey.
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    USCG Documented Boats

    My understanding of tonnage is displacement and measured from the waterline down. Its the weight of the water that the boat displaces. This will change with how the boat is loaded but Im guessing the CG doesn't split those hairs. What Ive found is Gross Tonnage = (.5 x L x W x D) divided by...
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    96' 23 SC Parker Tank Replacement

    Ill be picking up my tank in a few days. Ill post a picture of the sending unit ring. Also Im planning to follow Warthogs method on the tank install. I found Coal tar epoxy at Corotech $65 for a 1 gallon kit. Has anyone used this product?
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    91 Parker CC Fuel tank replacement

    Good job!!! Looks like you did a great job fairing the panel back in. I dont see any seam!
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    Any wisdom on reducing the pounding?

    Well if you want to remain Captain you have to keep the Admiral happy.
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    Getting bow down on 2300

    I put an OFS4 from Ken on my 2100 DV. It does give some addition stern lift (I think). The biggest benefit I felt was being able to stay on plane at lower speeds. The ride is undoubtedly more comfortable. I dont have tabs or Permatrim and Im happy.