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    Towing Help

    My dad used to tow his 25 Parker with a 1500 and now tows a 28ft diesel boat with a 1500. I wouldn’t hesitate to tow a 25 Parker with a 1500 with a trailer that’s set up rite. Would you be better off with a 2500? Yes of course Oh and pulling it out of ramps in 4 low you barely know the 28 is...
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    New Jersey Guys (18 CC ) "Off Shore" ?

    Get some experience running that particular boat offshore and make up your mind your self. I fished mostly every weekend this year on my 1801. First off I think your a little lacking in power unless there’s something different about the 1800. I try to go fast when it’s calmer to make up for when...
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    Parker 1801 question

    I have the f115 the permatrim helps a lot getting on plane better and lower speeds but ultimately the boat is usually sold with the 19 pitch prop witch is good when I’m solo but I swapped it out with a 17 for when I have more weight.
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    Parker 1801 trolling motor location

    I was also thinking about using a plate with a starboard spacer. I’m not to concerned about running the cabling yet it looks like it will be pretty easy but for now I think I’m going to use a cooler to try it out. Once I decide it’s permanent I’ll run cable under the gunnel to the fuel tank fill...
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    Parker 1801 trolling motor location

    Hey guys I’ve searched up a few threads about this and it seems like the bow always has two cleats on either side. Mine has a center drop down cleat and I don’t want to change anything. As you can see the trolling motor is used (hard and put away wet) but I’m just trying to get my feet wet. If...
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    The 1801... the right fit for me?

    I also disagree with Pescadorrr the 115 is a perfect match for the boat with the proper pitch. These almost never a time I want to go faster in the ocean on this boat and there’s no reason to have added weight in the stern. I have two batteries that were on one side that side scuppers were in...
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    Bull red fishing with my children Parker 2320: Old Glory

    It doesn’t get any better then that. Makes me want to spend a bunch of money I don’t have a a nice boat like that ha to bad my kids are not into it yet
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    1801 CC transom weight and battery move

    Make sure you do it the rite way, I did not and now my electronics flicker when I start my engine. I left everything the same and just ran the new cables to jumper terminals. Everything works but it does bother me and would be A good amount of work to change it. Last time I had it out was the...
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    TIPS & TRICKS - Parker 1801

    it’s a great boat one thing I want to do is move the batterys in the console. Many people highly recommend trim tabs but I didn’t want to dump 600$ more into the boat so I added a hydrofoil and it’s much better then it was without it so I would add one of the two depending on your budget
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    WTB: Parker 2120 w/f200, willing to spend up to 16k - FOUND!

    I need you to shop for my next boat! Would love to grab one up for the price you did congrats on the new boat