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  1. pelagic2530

    Difference between a 2330 & a 2320EC

    A picture would help, but I believe that they are the same boat. Parker tends to use the "'20" moniker for a standard length pilothouse, and "'30" for an extended cabin, which generally contains either a port side dinette/table and a stbd bench seat or port and starboard bench seats. However...
  2. pelagic2530

    Filling holes

    Either polyester or epoxy resin will work for this. Epoxy is a bit pricier, but if you're new to working with fiberglass and resins there's a lot of good material on how to work with it. I would recommend West System, as their instructions and material guides are well-written and easy to follow...
  3. pelagic2530

    2320 Repower and possible Tank Move

    I think most people here are advocating not downsizing or moving, but simply replacing in kind with the same size tank. Out of curiosity, why the desire to downsize the tank? Seems like most people are after more fuel capacity, rather than less. If there's a chance you may sell the boat in the...
  4. pelagic2530

    Transport a 2520 from NJ to North Carolina

    I'd definitely hire a transporter, or as Andy said, contemplate making the trip by water. Trailering that distance with an F150 is going to put a lot of strain on the truck, not to mention the trailer and all associated points of the drivetrain. Plus, you're crossing a lot of jurisdictions...
  5. pelagic2530

    Recommendations for adding brakes....

    I'd circle back to... what size trailer is this and what size boat are you putting on it? I specifically bought the new trailer for my 1700 WITHOUT brakes. I tow with a diesel Ram 2500 and definitely didn't need them with a boat that size, and I wanted to avoid the maintenance hassle. As far as...
  6. pelagic2530

    Installing Parker Rod Holder

    Yeah, it's a tough call sometimes with the OEM parts. I have 4 that I installed in my 1700 that have the black inserts, but based on the shape of the "head" (more rectangular than the Gemlux pictured) I'd be willing to bet that they're CE Smiths. They match in pretty much every other way. That...
  7. pelagic2530

    23SE forward bulkhead hatch

    As long as things are secured so that they will not move around, you'll be fine. And I mean SECURED: remember, you've got fuel lines, possibly fuel filters, pumps, electrical components, through hulls, plumbing, and all sorts of stuff that you don't want getting bashed up down there. Also...
  8. pelagic2530

    Understanding the Battery Switch

    Yes, so long as you're diligent in making sure you change the switch so as to isolate the batteries (i.e. either position "1" or "2"), you can run in this manner. It's not ideal but it'll serve your purposes for the time being. The BEP cluster shown above is somewhere in the neighborhood of...
  9. pelagic2530

    Understanding the Battery Switch

    From the installation diagram, it appears as though you’ll need a separate DVSR module to regulate charging between the batteries. So your installation is going to be more complicated than the BEP cluster. Also, with the cluster you can switch the house and start batteries on and off...
  10. pelagic2530

    Understanding the Battery Switch

    @MikeMarkCA... on closer inspection of your picture, what’s going on with those breakers? It looks like you’ve got three circuit breakers, two of which are daisy chained together with two cables on the “line” side, and nothing on the “load” side? So nothing is going through the breaker, opening...
  11. pelagic2530

    Understanding the Battery Switch

    For your application (single engine, 2 batteries) you’re going to want either this: or this: Square Battery Distribution Cluster for Single Engine with Two Battery Banks | BEP The only difference is the orientation of the components. Pick whichever...
  12. pelagic2530

    Do you have a carbon monoxide detector?

    ABYC regulations call for marine grade units if they’re installed. For our normal pilothouse application, they’re not technically required, but if you’ll be overnighting on the boat running a generator or the engine, or moored/anchored near other people who are, I’d recommend one. Of note with...
  13. pelagic2530

    Installing Parker Rod Holder

    Tough to say the exact size hardware needed. I believe your covering boards are probably about 1” thick, so I’d mock that up with the rod holder, backing plate, and hardware and leave yourself a little room to spare. You can sometimes use a big C clamp or something similar as a giant set of...
  14. pelagic2530

    2014 25 SE bilge pump float switch replacement.

    You shouldn’t need to short it. If you put a new fuse in and it didn’t blow, you’ve already “shorted” it (as in, completed that segment of the circuit) with the fuse. So your problem exists elsewhere. If the fuse holder itself is corroded, you may need to replace it in order to get a good...
  15. pelagic2530

    Understanding the Battery Switch

    What you’ve got is a Blue Sea ACR. It’s one option to isolate your batteries into separate house and start batteries. The BEP cluster switch does essentially the same thing. It’s just usually a cleaner install than the ACR, but both will work.
  16. pelagic2530

    Understanding the Battery Switch

    Let me elaborate on my last post: You’ll need to pull your battery switch off the bulkhead and look at the terminals to ensure that it’s wired correctly. The picture I posted is a view of the terminals on the back of the switch. From an operation perspective: Position 1: one of the batteries...
  17. pelagic2530

    Understanding the Battery Switch

    Here’s how your switch should be wired: Check to make sure yours is done correctly. If in doubt, look up the wiring diagram for your specific make and model switch, all that information is available online. Just because things are the way you find them (even from the factory sometimes)...
  18. pelagic2530

    Okay, I give up. What's this breaker for?

    Fishaddict, curious as to why this would be necessary. A far better bet would be to purchase a charger with a bank size that is appropriate for the number of batteries you have. If you’re talking about using an existing single charger to charge multiple batteries, I’d suggest charging them one...
  19. pelagic2530

    Parker 1800 1998.

    @GoodChance, I found it! I was in the wrong bonding standard. E-2 calls for 8AWG in the CATHODIC bonding system, if installed; 6AWG if tied in with a lightning protection system. The only size specification for DC Grounding/Bonding in the case of the tank is that the tank shall be connected to...
  20. pelagic2530

    Okay, I give up. What's this breaker for?

    Interesting. Not seeing the rest of the installation, I can’t comment. All of the systems I’ve seen have been as you describe your older boats. Might have to do some digging in manufacture’s literature for the newer switches. See what I can find!