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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

    I have bought 3 new Parker 2520’s and love these boats ! After moving to Florida last year I’m thinking of getting into the large center console crowd. I do love my Parker but think I want to move up to a larger boat. Details below : Parker 2520XLD. 2013 model year commissioned June 2014...
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    2520 XLD single 300 prop

    Can you tell me what prop your running ? Cruse, max rpm, mpg, speed Appreciated !
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    Pilot house ventilation

    I'm looking for a way to ventilate my cabin. I use dessacants but they don't seem to do the job 100%. I'm noticing some mold spots and a bit of corrosion on the window frame. Biggest problem is that in the winter my boat is in Florida and I am 1500 miles away and may leave the boat for 2 weeks...
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    Parker switch panel

    Does anyone know the manufacturer of the switch Panel Parker uses? I want to add some accessories switches and would like uniformity. I see some that are close but not identical to the switch panel I have. Thank you !
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    Autopilot pump on a 2520xld , where to mount it ?

    Can anyone tell he where your pump is looking located ? Not sure where to mount it. Thank you !
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    Finn addict tackle storage for XL Parkers advice

    Today I pulled the trigger on tackle storage for the jump seats of my 2013 2520 XLD from fin addict marine . They are fantastic to deal with and will make any configuration that I want. I know many of you have used them in the past and would like some advice on how you like these. My plans are...
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    Will my jumpseat fit t the pilot house door ? tackle station

    I am contemplating removing the jumpseat behind the helm and replacing it with a custom made tackle station. I even think I can put the seat back on the custom station. I'm not near the boat right now and wondering if anyone has ever done such a project and if the jumpseat will fit through the...
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    Mold spots on my cuddy cabin carpet

    Because of the leaking deck joint under the rub rail, the cuddly cabin has mold spots on the carpet and smells musty. Has anyone experienced this and what is the best way to clean this? Thank you
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    Parkers anchor light

    Anyone know what brand this is or where to get one.. ? It broke in heavy seas, thanks !! Would really like to upgrade to led but can't find the brand ?
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    Storage from fin-addict marine

    Anyonoe have the tackle storage in the rear jump seats from theses guys ? Would love to see some pics of configurations you have chosen for your 2520xl . I'm hoping this works with the factory installed freshwater tank in one seat. Any instalation advice ? Thanks all !
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    2013 2520XLD yamaha F300 performance numbers

    Finally got out today ! Just filled up with 200 gal of fuel , 15 gal of fresh water , gear , & 2 people. I will say I'm impressed with the performance. I can't believe how much faster and how much nicer it rides compared to my 09 2520sl. 4600 rpm , 34 mph, 13.96 gal per hour , 1.9 mpg. 5500 rpm...
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    Too much starboard list ?

    Ok, I have owned 3 2520's and read thus forum. I know these boats list to starboard. I just launched my brand new 2520XLD and the list to me seems excessive. It's brand new, no modifications, no gear, & about 75 gal of fuel. The boat seems to sit heaviest around the cabin and the stern is very...
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    What anchor snub keeps the shank from hitting the gel coat ?

    Ok, so this is my 3rd time looking for the answer to this to no avail. Just installed my windlass on my new 2520XL today. I need an anchor snubber as I have damaged a windlass in heavy seas because it wasn't snubbed. Problem is that the shaft of the anchor hits the gel coat on the pulpit because...
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    Back with the original hull color ? Looks like it.

    Got an email from parker listing "Sandy bottom" & horizon blue as a hull color. I suspect it's the color we have & love ? Dunno....
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    New toy today !

    Finally got her home & climbed around the boat. I can't believe how much bigger this boat is compared to my old 2520SL. It's a beast !!
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    Will a raymarine E127 fit the dash of a 2520XL ?

    My new 2520XLD is not accessible right now. When I measured it looks like it just fits. Anyone else install this or another 12" screen in their parker ? Thanks !
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    Dash pics of your 2520xl

    Looking for ideas on placement of my electronics on my new boat. Can you post some pics of yours ? Change anything if you could do it again ? Planning on a 12" multi function display, VHF & windlass controls.
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    Parker's new transom, feedback ?

    Just bought a new 2520xld with the new transom. Looks awesome & glad I don't have to carry around a livewell. Any first hand experience ? Is it big enough ?
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    2009 parker 2520 SL

    Great boat, looking to upgrade. Currently in ft lauderdale , back in mass by April meticulously maintained , you won't find one nicer ! Lewmar free fall windlass (brand new) 300' line Bulkhead 2nd station with fly by wire controls Yamaha F250 with 480 +\- hours Yamaha F20 with 20 hrs. Power...
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    What trailer do you have for your 2520 ?

    Brand , carrying capacity ? About to purchase one & looking for any first hand advice. Thanks !