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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

    Well I can say that Robin personally sent me several pictures of my 2005 2520 during the build and personally invited me to the factory. I also got lots of parker merchandise shipped to me just after delivery. I met her in person while I owned my 2009 2520 and she was a wealth on information and...
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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

    Cruse is 4500 rpm , 30 mph , and 16 gph . Wot is 44 mph.
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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

    2013 color & 2014 transom. I bought her new and took delivery May of 2014. My guess is there are very few out there with this combo. Also, this is the only year pre-emissions with a 200 gallon fuel tank.
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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

    I still own her but i think I'm going to keep her.
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    How Common Is A 200 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity

    Uncommon, 2013 model year only
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    New Yamaha 425 on 2520XLD

    Thought about it....too much weight & steering modifications that makes it unpractical. I'm pretty happy with my F300 & would have no problem going with that again if ever needed
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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

    New powerhead now has 200 flawless hours. New flooring in the cabin & cockpit shade too.
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    Question Concerning Pilot House Window Coverings.

    Had a custom cover made & tinted the rest with ceramic
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    Zero Breeze

    Shawn Can you show us your install ? Wish they still made the Krusin cool suitcase ac
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    Sea deck

    It's non skid there so I left it alone One of the major reasons I did it is because there is no non skid in the house Got very slippery in there when wet
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    Sea deck

    Was a local installer in the Fort Lauderdale area. Was about 20% more than seadek but I'm very happy with it.
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    Sea deck

    Did my house recently 3M product , not seadek though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Aluminum window frames on 2820xl and engine idle problem

    I don't think the problem with DSG windows is dissimilar metals, it's them in water. If you look in the tracks they collect water & it pools. I don't think the 2 drain holes should be there, it's the rake of the window they let water in.
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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

    Also, Yamaha replaced the powerhead. It's broken in by the book & the engine has 40 hours on it
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    Parker posted pic on FB - 2830 coming back?

    I would be a player if it comes with a/c as an option
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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2014 Parker 2520XLD

    I have bought 3 new Parker 2520’s and love these boats ! After moving to Florida last year I’m thinking of getting into the large center console crowd. I do love my Parker but think I want to move up to a larger boat. Details below : Parker 2520XLD. 2013 model year commissioned June 2014...
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    2520 XLD single 300 prop

    Can you tell me what prop your running ? Cruse, max rpm, mpg, speed Appreciated !
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    2520lxd single 300

    4600 = 30 mph in ideal conditions