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    Testing new autopilot, Garmin Reactor 40, in a 2320SC

    Great set-up.... Good to see the videos too!
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    Help Trolling Motor Nightmare

    I know this won't be 'practical' suggestion to address your immediate issue... But, what we need to do, is to clone Warthog (and a dozen + other ClassicParker gurus!) and disperse them evenly across the country... and then pay them (whatever they ask;... I know I would) to do stuff right, the...
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    Upgrades.... 1994 1800

    Beautiful job offduty5!.... Thank you for posting the pictures.... Good move on the 2 VHF's.... redundancy is a sign of an experienced boater!
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    New member 2nd Parker owned, Indian River delaware

    Hi Jayshinn44, Welcome to CP!
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    Any drastic changes to Parker

    We live in eastern NC, and the loggers are working overtime! I'm not sure how much of the local timbers are used for house and/or boat building; it's mostly fast-growth pine used for paper products/pulp. Forests around here are grown like corn-crops! Quick growth. Harvest. Replant. And the cycle...
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    Any drastic changes to Parker

    With the cost (and availability!) of wood now-a-days, it may have been their only option! ☺
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    2520 XL - Boat Lift

    Those were my thoughts too. (placed under the boats stringers). When our lift was installed (by the way, our first experience with owning a boat-lift) I thought the placement/separation of the bunks was critical. (like you mentioned; should be under the stringers). The guys who installed the...
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    replace cleat holes with pop up cleats?

    Hi PKS1801, Yes, our previous boat (a 35' CT Sundeck Trawler that we had for 28 years), had four Hawse-pipes (actually Hawser-'holes'), plus eight 14" cleats, and one large s/s Sampson-post). The Hawser-holes were mounted 'horizontally', through the side-deck gunnels, and not vertical, as...
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    2520 XL - Boat Lift

    Hi Dan, I meant to ask, is your 52" separation from the top, or the bottom of your bunks? And judging by your pictures, you still have plenty of space between your keel and the horizontal I-beam.... I don't mean to stick my nose where it's not invited, but it appears that your 'starboard' bunk...
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    2520 XL - Boat Lift

    Hi Dan, I like how your bunks are 'cantered', to the angle of the hull... Ours are the aluminum bunks with a 'cantered' rubber pad on top. It's not possible to angle the bunk itself, but it seems to be 'close' to the right angle... I'm thinking about experimenting with moving our bunks out a...
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    New member South River

    Hi Martin Abel, Welcome to Classic Parker.... love the 2820's! A lot of folks here like the Seaspension seat pedestals; it's on my 'to-do-one-day' list....
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    1990 2300 CC DV rebuild

    You're making great progress. I love watching these types of project here on CP. It never ceases to amaze me how many of you have the skills and gumption to tackle projects like this....
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    2520 XL - Boat Lift

    Hi Baker, I just now got a flashlight and went out to the boat trailer to measure the bunk separation. (to be honest, after you asked the question, it was driving me nuts not knowing the answer!☺). The bunks on the trailer, measuring from the outside-to-outside of the bunks, are 60" / five-feet...
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    2520 XL - Boat Lift

    Hi Baker, I have a bunk trailer, but the bunks on the trailer are spaced much farther apart than the bunks on the boat-lift. This is possible because of how the trailer is made, (the thickness of the bunks, and the 'dips/recesses' on the trailers cross members). I'll get some measurement on the...
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    Caught my first Skate today, I thinks its a small eye skate.

    I've often wondered the same thing! Like you mentioned, I heard from a lot of sources that the wings taste like scallops, and have even heard that some seafood restaurants will sell them as scallops. (I'd think that would get them in trouble).... I also thought it was a joke, to get people to...
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    replace cleat holes with pop up cleats?

    Thank you for sending the pictures of your cleats! And it is what I suspected. Your cleats appear to be 10 3/4 inches long. (The 'industry' probably calls them 11" cleats), and I would call them 'adequate' for this size boat (although I'd prefer 12") ... The cleats on our 2014 2520 are just 9...
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    replace cleat holes with pop up cleats?

    Parkers are great boats, but their choice of size, and type of cleats leave a lot to be desired... (not picking on just Parkers; a lot of well-known boat manufactures scrimp on the cleat numbers and sizes).... Some of the older Parkers have two spring-line/mid-ship cleats; that good feature was...
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    electric streer 300ho Yamaha motor

    Dittos on Swatski's comments..... Most new technologies will have glitches and 'issues'; especially with electrically controlled components. I'd stay with the tried-and-true hydraulics. Just my 2cents....
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    replace cleat holes with pop up cleats?

    I don't what your reference point is, but to me, Yes, they are really that weak; not designed for towing. Post a picture of your cleats (with a ruler or yard stick laying beside them, as a size-reference). Maybe Parker used larger/adequate ones on your boat; if so, that's a step in the right...
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    replace cleat holes with pop up cleats?

    Dittos, on what ESRob says. Our Parker is the only boat we have owned (20+) that has had pop-up cleats. To me, they are one of the least-likeable features. They are weak, and they are too small. If anything, I would be changing the pop-up cleats, back to 'real' cleats....