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    91 Parker CC Fuel tank replacement

    Looks good in the pictures (y)
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    It’s a wrap

    Looks like today will be a nice day on the water.....with a jacket. This weeks forcast isnt looking to dry. Season in NY is tooooo short!
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    Any wisdom on reducing the pounding?

    He meant to find the balance between plowing and porpoising
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    The Parker Lineup is Now Dead

    Thoughts on Reef Runner boats?
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    If you know, you know…

    Wire stripper on the cordless and an 18 pack should do it.
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    2008 Parker 21 DV Repower

    "That's too much power for that boat" said no one ever! Go as big as you can afford.
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    2008 Parker 21SE fuel tank size

    Usually indicated on the tank label
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    First time winterizing questions

    Already? But it's black fish season!
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    91 Parker CC Fuel tank replacement

    Looks good. Saved a ton DIY
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    91 Parker CC Fuel tank replacement

    If I was doing a tank and floor replacement.....I was thinking of at least a foot on my 1801. Since I dont have a casting platform and the batteries are still in the stern boxes I would think it would help with the ride. :unsure:
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    91 Parker CC Fuel tank replacement

    Seeing your unmounted console so far forward has me thinking.... How far forward could we reinstall the console without ill effects? It would create more room in the aft end. Rarely does anyone ever want to sit up front on my boat.
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    Any wisdom on reducing the pounding?

    Get a bigger boat! Just kidding, What boat are we talking?
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    2007 1801 windshield

    I remember someone doing that not long ago and even went thicker.
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    The Parker Lineup is Now Dead

    Sooo they're still using plywood for the decks?
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    NMEA 2000 Question

    I did which is where I figured my shopping list. I was hoping there was an unpublished alternate option. Thanks Hog.
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    NMEA 2000 Question

    It's a carbed 2 stroke. Will be using an inline fuel flow sensor.
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    NMEA 2000 Question

    It's a 546s and I'm using the internal antenna. The transducer is connected via the garmins data/power cable. There is a 5pin nmea 2000 port on the back. From what researching I think I need to build a backbone with a minimum of 3 "T" 's. 1 for the garmin, 1 for the fuel sensor and 1 for a...
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    NMEA 2000 Question

    I'm considering adding a fuel flow sensor (gfs 10) to work with my NMEA capable Garmin unit. Can I just connect it to the garmin (will it be powered from the garmin?) or do I still need to create a minimal NMEA 2000 network? I dont plan on adding any additional components any time soon.
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    Boat For Sale 3420 at whitewater sayville

    Saw that also.....thats a big squid!