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    What's better for 2820: Twin 150 or 300/350 duoprop?

    I appreciate the input from everyone. I hope to find out if I'm rebuilding or repowering in the next couple weeks. If it comes to a repower then the middle of the road option of 200's makes sense to me but it may just come down to what's available. And the Haulover Inlet videos are great, make...
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    What's better for 2820: Twin 150 or 300/350 duoprop?

    warthog I've gotten a lot of great info from a lot of your posts so first, thank you. And I get it that it's better in a lot of situations. I'm just thinking it's not necessarily every situation, possibly including mine. No inlets. Fishing spots are no more than a few miles away so mileage is...
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    What's better for 2820: Twin 150 or 300/350 duoprop?

    I have a 2820 that either needs a lot of work on the twin Yamaha 250's or a new power set up. I don't have far to get to my spots and I don't need to get there at 50mph so I've been interested in the twin 150 setups I've heard about in this thread 150s on a 28? A lot of folks want max HP in...
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    Anybody out there with 2320 W/round splashguard ?

    Others probably have better insight but... A closed transom with a bracket that puts the motors further back makes the boat ride like a larger boat due to the increased length of boat in the water. And you usually get some more storage, although the transom fish box on most older models are not...
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    Anybody out there with 2320 W/round splashguard ?

    Any pictures? I have no clue what you’re talking about but it sounds interesting.
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    Boat name decal to match parker's design?

    Looks good. Is this the Calisto MT font for the text portion? If I ever settle on a name, I was thinking of doing the same.
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    Inline Diode Bilge Pump Rocker Switch 2120 Parker 2003

    I keep looking at that diagram but I’m pretty novice at wiring. Does the “unswitched” bilge have any power if you turn off your battery switch? IF that’s true, you might consider changing the power source from that switch panel to a fused line wired direct to the battery. But if you stick to...
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    Can anyone ID this Perko door latch?

    Just a heads up, I bought the Perko from Cecils marine a couple weeks ago and had to work on the internals to get it to operate smoothly. A few parts needed to be filed down just a bit where they had rough edges that affected how it worked. And I think I ended up swapping out one internal metal...
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    Looking for feedback in pricing my parker for sale

    $50k and it goes down by 1,000 for each additional time you post the same question.
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    2006 F250 Wiring Repair Question

    Well I guess I should say one was significantly affected and the other was much less. All I saw that had issues on the other was some of the wires sending signal to tach etc. I'm gonna try patching the wires this weekend and see what happens. Thanks everyone.
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    2006 F250 Wiring Repair Question

    The joys of project boats... I have a set of F250's that sat for a few years that I'm trying to do minimal repairs until I figure out if they're any good. At some point the cowls were left off long enough for a mouse to get in one and nibble some wires but it doesn't look like he was in there...
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    Bow Rail Stainless or Aluminum? And source for 1 1/4" rail fittings?

    Does anyone know if the bow rail on a 2006 2820 would be stainless or alumninum? The front of mine near the pulpit has a damaged section I plan to cut out and replace with something a little taller. It seems like stainless based on how hard it is to cut with a hacksaw but I don't want to order...
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    Anchor box thru Hull drain! Not into bilge.....

    Discussed in this thread, and then at the end there is a link to someone's project info doing the rerouting you're thinking about:
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    Half Hull

    This image has been posted in the forum for some other stuff. Not sure if this would be enough to help with what you're talking about:
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    Bow rail stainless or aluminum?

    Does anyone know for sure if the bow rail is stainless or aluminum? Or were they available in both? This is on a 2006 2820. 1 1/4" diameter rail. I tried the "magnet test" and did not notice any attraction between the magnet and the rail. But I also started to cut a section with a hack saw and...
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    Replacing gaskets 0n Diamond Sea Glaze swing out windows

    Do you have the part number for the gasket you used?
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    Replacing gaskets 0n Diamond Sea Glaze swing out windows

    I have this on my list of things to do. Based on some previous projects, sometimes old adhesive takes a few rounds of cleaning to get it all off. Also, using a scotchbrite pad with not too much pressure will add mechanical removal in addition to the chemical removal from the acetone ( just in...