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    Boat For Sale 2320

    Boat has been sold
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    Getting bow down on 2300

    Trimming the motor up, about 3 or 4 clicks, helps quite a lot as well. My 2320 has a 4 blade prop, stock trim tabs, batteries relocated to the pilot house, permatrim and with the motor trimmed just right, makes a big difference in getting up on step quicker.
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    Boat For Sale 2320

    Thanks MadGar, fixed it.
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    Boat For Sale 2320

    � 2009 Parker 2320 with 2008 Yamaha 3.3 L V6, 200 HP. Armstrong bracket, solid transom. Dual helm. Lowrance GPS, Furuno 587 sounder, Airmar M260 transducer. Raymarine VHF. 48 gal (3 scoop) bait tank. 2016 Pacific 2 axle galvanized trailer, 4 wheel disc brakes...
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    WTB: 2320/2520 SPORT CABIN

    Still looking? I posted mine for sale this morning:
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    Protect switches from accidental switching

    Here's what I did to solve the accidental switching problem. Cut a piece of lexan to size, added some aluminum tubing as a spacer, and longer screws. The tubing shown has some shrink wrap applied, but has since been removed.
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    transom box hinge part #?

    Late response, but are these the hinges you are looking for? ... ge-1-5-x-3
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    Please respond all: I will make a list of all our boats

    Board Name: Yuma Real Name: Tom Boat Name: Don't have one Hull Year: 2009 Model: 2320 Engine Brand: Yamaha HP: 200 Location: SoCal
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    If you have a trailer for 2320, what is weight capacity?

    My 2320 sits on a galvanized Pacific Trailer, model G23TW-8. 8000 lb GVW
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    Opinion on how much chain is "enough" chain...

    Have you looked at American Rope Co.? 300ft 1/2inch 8 plait and 30ft 1/4inch galvanized iso 4 chain for $260 plus shipping.
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    M260 Location

    Thanks very much for the reply. That installation is just how I'll do mine.
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    M260 Location

    I have a question regarding the location for mounting an M260 transducer in a 2320. I am thinking of locating the tank in the after bilge, on the centerline, just forward of the built up bilge pump pad area, and over the flat area of the hull. I know the battery shelf will have to be cut to...
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    Fuel tax refund

    California has a fuel tax refund program as well. There are 3 rates for fuel purchased in 2017: .278 $/gal for fuel purchased from Jan 1 to Jun 30, .297 $/gal for fuel purchased Jul1 to Oct 31 and .417 $/gal after Nov 1. I am surprised the program is still in place after the .12/gal tax raise...
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    How to fix this?

    Barkeepers Friend to clean up the running rust and rebed.
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    2120 Helm Dash addition

    Here's my take on the helm dash addition. I moved the oh-shit handle to the overhead and used the existing holes below the port side windshield for some stainless lag bolts. The port side end piece was attached just forward of the sliding window using 4200.