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    Bondo used in original construction?

    Im doing a almost full deck replacement in my 1996 2100 CCDV. I was hoping it would be only the deck but now Im finding rotten and wet stringers. Ive cut parts of three stringers out and all of one. I was surprised to see what looks like bondo under some of the stringers used and fill where the...
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    Engine Height and staying on plane at low speed

    I have a 1997 2100 DV CC with a 225 two stroke Optimax. Im having trouble staying on plane at low speeds. It seems to ride a bit bow high. To stay on plane we get beat to death at sea. Ive been going round and round and what to do about it. The options are many. Change the prop. I have a...
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    I got a virus from Parker

    A couple of days ago I received an email from Robin Parker at customer service. It had an attachment. I had asked her some months back if there was any info she could send me on my 1996 2100DV that I just purchase. She said she would see what she could dig up. Apparently she didnt send it but I...