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    Replacing a gas tank on a 1994 17’ center console

    So, it’s obvious the tank was leaking for two seasons. I limped around with a 12 gallon tank on deck. It looked lazy so I decided to replace the tank. Here is the first photo. Derigging everything and removing four heavy batteries. I had to make straps, of course.
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    How to remove a console 1994 17’ center console

    So I’ve removed all the batteries and have drilled out every screw but the console won’t move. Does anyone know if they epoxied the long feet of the console tray to the deck? I’ve done this once before on an 18 and it popped off after the fasteners where removed. The battery tray in the console...
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    1994 Parker 1700 with Yamaha 115 or 70

    I have a new to me Parker 1700 with a Yamaha f115. It looks really heavy for the boat at 403 pounds. I see that Yamaha make a very light f70 that is 253 pounds. That looks to be the ideal weight for this hull which is only 1050 lbs itself. Does anyone have experience with this hull with 70 hp? I...