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  1. J

    Can’t fill boat with fuel

    I had a similar problem with my 2016 23SE. I checked the vent lines for and aft of the canister and the canister itself. Air seemed to flow freely through them all. However, the run of the vent line after the canister to open air did include at a pretty significant angle bend. Thinking the...
  2. J

    2120 Parker Repower Cost

    Suzuki seems to be sweeping in all over Chesapeake Bay. I see it on repowers and new boats. Only complaint after 500 hours with my 2016 Yamaha 2000 on my 23SE was the banging from prop gear lash at 600 -800 rpms which was solved by changing from stainless to an aluminum 14.5x17 prop. With two...
  3. J

    Parts For Sale Custom Under Gunnel Brackets

    I had exactly the same experience. New gunnel brackets look and work great. Michael even helped me through my first Venmo experience.
  4. J

    Fuel vent, filter canister help

    First time poster here. I have a 2016 23SE with a 200HP Yamaha. Yesterday the tank wouldn't take gas while fueling up until I pulled the ventilation line off of the tank side of the filter canister. I imagine there is some blockage in the canister or vent. Anyone else had this problem? Any...