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    Hamonic noise in the 2520XL cabin???

    i have the same year 2520. It is so hard to figure out where a noise is coming from when in the cabin. Like GOT EM ON check everything storage compartments etc. I often hear the unusual noise the mono on my rods make when the wind blows thru them underway. the window screens do it when open all...

    Lilly B 2003 2520xl

    I would like to share the improvements I have made over the past 10 years, so this post will be a little lengthy. I started of by getting some ventilation thru the cabin by installing a verado box through the hard top and rain shields over the cabin widows which help a lot in controlling...

    tackle storage/work surface 2021 2520 Ideas

    Now that is one sweet idea. I just throw a few tackle boxes on the floor behind the seat, what ever ones I’m using the most that day. Definitely going to use your idea, thanks for sharing

    Fusion stereo

    I installed a fusion in my 2003 Parker two years ago. I mostly stream music from my phone. But I did add a Shakespeare little giant fm antenna which made a huge improvement. Radio stations on the Chesapeake kept going in and out and only a few stations receivable. It’s about 3’ long and cost...

    Instructional Charter Chesapeake Bay

    I’m a little to far up the bay to offer an instructional charter. But I can offer some help thru this site if you would like to pm me some question. I‘ll try my best to answer them. I have never fished that far south. Only familiar with fish the Chesapeake from Baltimore to Solomon’s and have...

    Parker 2830 FS 2005/2018

    Super sweet boat and they are rare. and to someone on this post remember when you get behind the wheel of a vessel. arrogance + ignorance = disaster

    Installing Drawers Under Bench

    I have never installed these but if you made a brace prior to installing it where as when you pushed the drawer unit into place the back has something to rest on

    How do you keep the front windshield open?

    On the link I sent tap on seadog adjusters then the next page tap misc. parts you should get to this page the repair ki is what you want

    How do you keep the front windshield open?

    The new ones are steel the whole assembly was just a few buck so I actually order 4 sets and have 2 spares.

    How do you keep the front windshield open?

    The AdvanTec Store: Adjusters This should help you out,you can buy just the parts you need, you may need to call them

    Chartplotter-Fish Finder-Radar Upgrade

    When I purchased my autopilot from west marine for $999.00 I picked it up on a triple rewards weekend that’s $40.00 x3 = $120.00 bucks back!!! Great point

    Chartplotter-Fish Finder-Radar Upgrade

    I have a lowrance HDS GEN 2 and a HDS LIVE. I also had programming issues that are not in the manual, but when I placed a call to support they have always returned the call within an hour and provided excellent service and prompt answers but I have added about every bell and whistle they offer...

    Electrical Question

    Not sure if this is the problem and what model you have but it’s worth checking. I have a 2003 2520xl. A few years ago things started going a bit whacky with my gauges and such. Someone on here told me to check the aft buss bar and that it is hard to find as it is mounted where you cannot see...

    Best polish and wax for a older 2006 Parker

    That’s is my process also. I always wax twice, cleaner then top coat. The collonite cleaner wax is great and does a good job it is the pure wax that dirt clings to. So I use Maguires or 3M for the topcoat

    Best polish and wax for a older 2006 Parker

    Brent I used collonite for years, then a couple of years ago I got 1/2 way thru waxing the boat and ran out. I then grabbed a bottle of 3M I had to finish the job. Mid way thru the summer I noticed the areas waxed with the collonite were holding a lot of dirt as opposed to the other areas. The...

    Replacement seat cushions

    Thank you all for the info 👍

    Replacement seat cushions

    Hi guys, it’s time to replace all four seats with new cushions. 2003 2520xl. Should I hit a local shop or does anyone know if I can buy them on line. Thanks in advance Mike

    Seaworthy Goods rain shields

    Just a product update. I originally posted installing seaworthy Goods rain shields on my Parker in 2013. They were only $35.00 and installed with 3M tape. It’s been 7 years and they have never come off and are still in great condition. I leave the port windows open all year long with the screens...

    Advice for bait tank 2120

    I don’t know if a 30 gallon is big enough for you but I have a “keep alive” portable bait tank on my 2520. They come with a circulating pump and aerator. Just fill mine up with a couple of buckets of sea water and alligator clips to the battery. They work great and totally portable


    I have tried everything from carpet cleaners to 50/50 water and bleach. The best way I have found is simple soap and water. I take the hose right into the cabin hose it down and wash it. Rinse it well. If it’s not a hot dry day put a fan in the cabin to hep dry it out. I do mine every spring for...