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  1. Porkchunker

    Boat For Sale 2002 Parker 2510

    It is with a tear in my eye that I’m placing my 2001 Parker 2510 “Tina’s Diamond” up for sale. Now retired and moving to the Mid-West to be closer to children and grandchildren. My fishing will now be on fresh water rivers, lakes and ponds. Description and pictures are on my own website: For...
  2. Porkchunker

    Hi, I'm Porkchunker, and I'm a slacker

    Must admit my failings. I've drifted away from here but need to come back and renew friendships and look over all the mods people have made in the last couple of years I've been doing other things.
  3. Porkchunker

    Back from a long hiatus

    Father passed away two years ago this coming Sep. Spent a lot of time in FL helping Mom clean up the place, sell it, and move her to a CCRC in Lincoln, NE near my brother (a family doc). It is now time to get back on this board and get back on the water on a regular basis.
  4. Porkchunker

    Swap out OEM deck lights for LED lights

    Got tired of being worried about how much current I was draining from the batteries at night. Fear of getting stranded was just too much, so I decided to swap out all my lights with LED lights. First up were the two big 55 watt battery-draining deck lights. Pics are attached. In this case, I...
  5. Porkchunker

    Hi, I'm Porkchunker -- remember me?

    I've been off the board for some time. The company I work for won a big contract and I've been doing my best to pump up employment in the Wash DC, San Antonio, and Honolulu areas. Have hired 39 new employees and put them on task since April. The job has reached steady-state for now, so...
  6. Porkchunker

    Theives at Solomons Naval Recreation Center

    You wouldn't think that thieves would hit a closed Military Installation with armed guards, but that is exactly what happend this last week. At least five (5) boats were broken into and fishing gear and electronics taken. I lost four St. Croix jigging rods and a small tool box. Cover was open...
  7. Porkchunker

    Cleaning hull -- Thank you Megabyte

    I dropped the boat into the water this spring for 8 days while I did a lot of work on the trailer (new LED light, all new wire, many new SS U-bolts, and some non-marking rollers). While in the water, the boat attracted a lot of scum and an orange (rust) stain. I tried what Kevin told me to use...
  8. Porkchunker

    Splash -- I'm in for 2010

    Finished doing some minor maintenance and waxing the topsides. Decided to skip waxing the hull until I do a bit of gelcoat repair. Dropped her in the water on Friday, ran her up and down the Pax, put her in a slip for 9 days, and and then brought the trailer back home. Today after running...
  9. Porkchunker

    Waxing -- How do you get that new-look "pop?"

    Just finished waxing the topsides of my 2002 Parker 2510. She has been under a full cover 24x7 except when I'm using her. She cleaned up well. Waxing went smooth. However, when finished, I've got a good clean boat with a "sheen" not a "shine." How do you guys get the new-boat "pop" when...
  10. Porkchunker

    Springizing (aka DeWintering)

    Brought the boat home from Tri-State Marine today. I had forgotten how dirty I left her after the last fishing trip. Lots of work to do: Wash Wax Adjust the placement of the extra rod holders I've added Adjust the placement of the fly rod holders I made Make a new rope to chain splice on the...
  11. Porkchunker

    Dinner With Dale

    Was in the Boston area this week on a business trip. Missed linking up with Dale my last trip, but this time we connected for dinner. We discussed a lot of topics, but always seemed to come back to CP, the quality of the posts/threads...especially in the projects forum...and how well behaved...
  12. Porkchunker

    I started a fire-storm over on Tidal Fish---your thoughts?

    Here is the first link. After I started it, I was told it would be better to re-post it over on the Virginia forum: ... -some-Coms) Here is the re-post on the Virginia forum: ... -some-Coms)-Take-2 Apparently...
  13. Porkchunker

    Cold Weather Boating

    Since the topic of heaters came up, I thought I'd start a discussion about cold weather boating. Being an old U.S. Army Ranger, I have some first-hand experience with hypothermia and the training associated with countering its effects. Each winter, I spend a lot of time at the Chesapeake...
  14. Porkchunker

    Trailer tires dry-rotted -- which ones to replace with?

    All four of my trailer tires have lots of hairline cracks. One has a bulge (probably a separation from a stone bruise or touching a curb). They are GoodYear Marathons. Any tips on replacement tires? Which ones? Where to obtain? Dave aka
  15. Porkchunker

    Oil changes

    Changed the oil in my two F-115s the other day. Easy as pie. Changed the oil in my Ford F-250 6.0 PS Diesel today. Easier than pie. Wish I had been changing the oil in my truck all along. Dave aka
  16. Porkchunker

    Boat trailer inspection near Solomons

    Time for me to get the boat trailer inspected. It is a dual-axle EZ-loader with hydraulic surge disk brakes. A lot of places won't touch a trailer with brakes. Who in the Solomons area will perform the MD inspection on them? Dave aka
  17. Porkchunker

    Trailer wiring--need guidance

    I have one trailer light that is deader than dead and the screw to the lens is so rusted I can't get it out. The nuts holding the unit on are rusted so bad a box-end wrench won't budge them...the nuts keep crumbling off pieces. May have to use the dremel tool and cut them off. I purchased a...
  18. Porkchunker

    Boat cleaning--lessons learned

    When it comes to cleaning the hull, non-skid, and aluminium hard-top and seating components, what lessons have you learned down through the years of owning and maintaining your boats? I used to use Bar Keeper's Friend almost exclusively until Kevin showed me some "Roll Off" at the Annapolis...
  19. Porkchunker

    S & W AR-15 M & P

    On Nov 7th, guns and ammo started flying off the shelves. Bass Pro has been out of ammo for the last few months. They get ammo by the pallet load, but as soon as it hits the shelves, it is gone. Good luck trying to find the guns...even better luck trying to find the ammo. Dave aka
  20. Porkchunker

    Time to sell the trolling gear

    I think I'm going to jig my way through spring trolling season. When we can catch guys like this and limit out (one 35" followed by one 38") and a bunch of 28-29" fish in the mix (over 30 fish for the day), I'm left wondering "Why Troll?" After filling the box, we went trolling for...