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    '96 2530

    Stern and bow views attached.
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    2530 on WI lake

    Been in WI from MA since mid-July and though with this good summer I stored it inside while I figured out WI, new job, new people, etc. Lived in motels 'til Labor Day weekend. Renting a cottage temporarily, so took the time to put the boat in the water. On Lake Delavan. Nobody so far has...
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    Parker dealers near southern WI?

    Any dealer around southern Wisconsin. I may boat around Lake Geneva or nearby. Thanks. Also, any recommendations on marina to look at for Lake Delevan or Lake Geneva area. Dana
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    northeast Philly, what can you do?

    Hello, I have been looking at jobs in different areas, I mentioned Beloit WI before. Want to ask a question on towns beyond NE Philly on the PA side. Anybody boat from marinas? Do you run all the way down the Delaware? Time it takes? How much is no wake? Much boating in the Delaware...
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    Boating in WI?

    I had an interview in WI last week. Not sure what will happen. Any comments on lake boating there, probably not on Lake Michigan. If I took a job there, might be around Beloit and north to Madison or east to Lake Geneva. How big a boat can be accomodated. Is there slip access or trailering...
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    Parker folks on LinkedIn

    Hi, I have been on LinkedIn for the past month, setting up my profile. I was on a shooters forum I frequent and invited people there to link with me. I figured I would do the same here. I have a '96 2530 in MA. I did not see a groups section on LinkedIn, so you are welcome to link with me...
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    Fuel management transducers

    I have a Navman flow sensor, Navman is now Northstar I believe. I don't htink they are universal. If you remember how much it burned, can try quick wire and see if reads same. Otherwise some units aren't that expensive. Dana
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    In for the season

    Got in This Wednesday but didn't have right flow on IO. Replaced exhaust manifolds, risers today with a friend in the water. Short test ride, a Hingham marina this year. FYI, for those local, the big Parker is still tied up at Hingham Shipyard Marina after their in water boat show last week...
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    Loudon NH two race tickets for sale Sep race

    I have five seats on the front straightaway for the Sunday, Sep 14 race. I have two tickets not spoken for if anyone is interested. K South section, $110 each. Dana
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    Loudon NH June 29 Sprint Cup tickets for sale

    Not many days left and heard a friend that either or he or I use his race tickets for the first Loudon race isn't going to use them, and I have a conflict. If you know of anyone in my area intested, let me know. Three tickets right after finish line, section B South, on end of row up high for...
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    December cruise photos

    My wife decided to go on something larger than a Parker. We joined a boating couple and his cousin for a cruise a week before X-Mas, Norwegian Serenade of the Seas, 900' long. Some other cruise ships were in some of the ports. I've added some in, Holland America, other Norwegians. They had...
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    Digital or satellite TV

    I have a friend switching marinas this year where cable isn't available. He is thinking of satellite TV (like KVH or Raymarine units). I did a search here and didn't see anything in the past. Anybody have comments on satellite TV hookups they have on boats, not likely on a Parker! He just...
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    done for season

    Enjoy the rest of the season folks. Pulled the boat today, powerwashed it, got it home, and started to empty it out. Have winterizing lined up for Wednesday. Photos of it out in the parking lot and then cleaned up at home. Marina wants boats out on time this year to do some maintenance and...
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    Moving boat this Friday on water central NJ to MA

    Did it again, and didn't post anything sooner. Heading down by car with couple guys to Lavallette NJ Thursday to move a 40' SeaRay to Pocasset MA. Target is to get it to MA going Friday and Saturday. Any comments from guys in North or Central NJ. I helped move it a couple months ago from NC...
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    Loudon NH Sep 16 Nascar race tickets

    I have five tickets for the Sunday, Nextel race in NH and I'm only going to use two of them. They are at the end of the front going into the first turn. Let me know if there is interest. Here is one link to the schedule from the track, ...
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    NC to NJ run

    Looking from some general comments from owners in the area, and a suggestion on an overnight stay in Ocean City MD. I'm heading out tomorrow to get to NC to help out some friends that are going to continue moving a guy's boat who is getting cancer treatment. One of my friend's a few weeks ago...
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    1st cod trip in MA

    First try fishing this year, took yesterday off and took three others out south of Boston near the lighthouses and in the shipping channel. Crazy weather with 80F called for but we had rain and clouds in AM with chop then afternoon clearing. Was like two seasons. Only two keepers at minimum...
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    replacement 2 foot anchor light mast

    I looked through some past postings, and I can't recall if anyone has done this. I may at some time put on a taller fold down anchor light, to replace the original shorter one. the folddown crank is on its last legs. Have any of you gone to a taller mount? Dana
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    camper with or without truck

    Some boaters know poeple interested in campers. My brother has a 2005 camper and truck for sale. Camper is in MA and has been used and stored at a campground, so really no miles on it. 2005 Glendale Titanium camper, here is the 2007 view, ... m2007.html...
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    spring price shock

    Price of copper for antifouling paints is up. Bottom paints are going up this winter. Dana