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    Parker owner Again!

    Welcome to Classic Parker. Can you update us when you do?
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    Bimini top installed on 2001 1801

    Nice top, beautiful boat, and delicious beer.
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    Awesome boat! With a four-stroke engine?👍:)
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    That's fantastic. Congratulations! How's sailing and fishing?
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    New Member

    Hello and welcome. You've come to the right place. Can you share some pics?
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    Some issues need fixing

    That's good news! Hope everything is fixed.
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    Finally got her bloody improperly

    Awesome. I bet that was good eating.
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    New to Forum, not to Parkers

    Welcome. Nice looking boat. Which engine are you interested in?
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    New Parker owner

    Hello and welcome. Congrats on your new boat. Got any pics?
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    Exciting new outboard

    Interesting. Is it battery operated?😀 I'll call Igloo.
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    Glad to be here, looking for advice

    Welcome to Classic Parker. Enjoy!
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    Snapper Time

    That sounds perfect, like everything's put in proper order?
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    Snapper Time

    Impressive. Are you not retiring in 6 months? Excellent opportunities after retiring. Good luck with your course.
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    Just a couple pictures.

    Awesome pics. How fast?:)
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    I quit smoking...

    Great looking boat! Nice outboard motor, is fuel consumption pretty good?
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    Classic Parker Forum Decals - Show them off!

    The first ones were mailed out tonight. I hope to see some posts soon from those that receive them.
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    Snapper Time

    At the of the day, It's your boat.:) Glad you still have the chance to take your niece and daughter out fishing before the season ends. How long does the marine mechanic course going to take?
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    Snapper Time

    Wow! That was some work you got there. That was too irresponsible on the part of the dealer, I would say, with those workmanship issues. Going through those wires, cables and all those interesting stuff must be tough but definitely was a good learning experience on your part. You now are the...
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    Snapper Time

    Hi, how's your boat and fishing?
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    Classic Parker Forum Decals - Show them off!

    When you become an Annual or Lifetime Supporting Member you get 2 of these decals!. Already a Supporting Member? PM me your address and I will get some shipped. If you have gotten yours, please post here where you put them!