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    The spot welds on the hinge (starboard side) trim tab let go and I need to replace it. These are bottom mounted recessed tabs that are not of the common variety. I was hoping someone here might have some info as to where I might find a replacement. I am confident that with some good rivets and a...
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    2107 21 SE upholstery fabric.

    Bow seating cushion lost in a windstorm. Local dealer can't help. I'll have on made locally but I'd really like the exact fabric. Anyone know what fabric was used in 2017? Thanks for any help
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    New to me 2107 21SE.

    Hello to all from NJ. Acquired a 2017 Parker 21SE. Looking for advice on winter covers. Pics would be great. I need to replace the center bow cushion that was missing when I got the boat. It's the one that covers the bow hatch. My local Parker dealer can't/won't not help. Love the boat and the...