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    Remove please

    Remove please
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    Powder Blue Hulls

    I have been noticing a lot of these Powder Blue Hulls up on Long Island lately, can not say I am a fan of the color. To me it doesn't blend in with the cream color of the topside. What you guys think and why is Parker pushing this color? I have seen some in the lot at Whitewater in Sayville also.
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    Moved Water Seperator on 2320

    I have a 2002 2323 and just moved the Water seperator out of the bilge, and into the side of the transom boxes it will clear the trays and makes it easy to get at it if needed in nasty seas (without causing your boat to sink! why did they put it down there?) any way heres a bad photo of it.
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    2002 23DVSC Thru Hull

    Would like to change the thru hull that is mid ship on the Starboard side, that drains from the hatch in the center of the deck. Thru hull looks like you can not get at it with out cutting deck or inside of gunnel, also sits about 2 inches above water line. Has anyone changed this?
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    ny fishing license

    Wait to see the new cost of the drivers lic. and auto regs. The Governor is blind to the concerns of the residents of NYS.
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    Frank Mundus

    Local news here is reporting that Frank Mundus passed away, RIP you are a Legend.
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    Rounded my drainplug

    Ok i was cold and layed into my drainplug and stripped it, what are my options to get it out. :x Thanks
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    For Sale 2002 2320 Sportcabin with 200hp OX66

    For Sale 2002 23' Deepvee Sportcabin with 200hp ox66 yamaha 200hp ox66 460 hrs 21 degree hull Raymarine radar Garmin GPS Lowrance fuel management Tackle storage in cabin Rocket launcher...
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    Price of Ringfree

    Went to buy Ringfree today price was 37.99 a qt, I almost blew chunks! This was in freeport N.Y. :shock:
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    Tarpon in Islamorada April 2007

    Caught this POON last week 100lbs (approx)
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    XXX Boat Porn Beware!

    Here is a girl with a dirty bilge! Finally!
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    Cabin fever already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    after one week
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    Hydraulic steering leaking

    I have a 2002 dvsc, steering just started leaking alittle at the ram, I know it can be rebuilt but i also heard there might be a recall by Seastar on the ram has anybody heard of this?
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    Atlantic Sturgeon

    Atlantic Sturgeon, caught on a bucktail in 60' south of fire island, ny. Released after photo, approx 100lbs
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    100lb Mako

    Released 14 miles s/o Fire Island Inlet N.Y.
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    What Octane

    what octane do you guys that have OX66 motors use? 87 or 89, I use 87 for life of engine but now i am being told to use 89. Yamaha says 86 or better. :?:
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    Prop for a 23 dvsc with a 200hp ox66 2002

    Got a black stainless yamaha prop 13 3/4 x 17 it only turns 5100 rpm on flat conditions, took to prop guy said he could only get about another 200rpm out of it engine calls for 5500 wot has anybody changed props and if so to what. Thanks
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    NY Whitewater Parker Get together

    Anyone know if Whitewater marine in NY is having their Parker get together like they have in the past years?
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    Hello from NY

    This is my 23dvsc