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  1. DaleH

    'Classic Parker' to continue under new Management

    Good day all: Many, many years ago I had started this Classic Parker website after the demise of the old PilotHouse Board that had a lot of Parker boat owners on it. It is my desire to see the knowledge here live on intact, but TomS and I are tired and moving on to other ventures. To that...
  2. DaleH

    Did you know a float/trickle charger can KILL your battery?

    FYI, posted this on another boating forum I frequent now that I don't have a big boat anymore ... but I thought some info may be valuable here too... The charging voltage is always much higher than the maximum possible or 'usable' voltage. The ideal full power charging voltage for lead acid...
  3. DaleH

    Cool USB charger port for boats!

    Slick dual port USB charger for boats ... only $7.50 with free shipping! ... can't beat this for today's use of schmart phones :D ! ... SB+Charger
  4. DaleH

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Merry Christmas to all those Parker! Best wishes to those on the front lines at the factory, to all current owners and to 'wannabes' of our beloved Parker boats. May your New Year also be merry! And a special Merry Christmas to our troops in uniform and to the Police that walk that thin blue...
  5. DaleH

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! May you enjoy this wonderful day as we give thanks for our loved ones and lives we live. I'm also sending out blessing to our troops who stand on the front line to protect our freedom.
  6. DaleH

    My new ride ...

    But DANG IT ... she's not a Parker! But I stole :shock: it for only $1.5K ... I'm getting back into a small skiff for inshore flyfishing for striped bass and bluefish. No more big boats for me :P ! I once dreamed of upgrading to an Albin 28' TE with an inboard diesel, but ehhhhhhhhhh ...
  7. DaleH

    Parker 2520 cabin model, 3 control stations including tower

    FOR SALE: … the original ‘classic’ Parker that helped start ClassicParker! For sale by 2nd owner, originally owned by Harvard University as the research vessel supporting the cleanup of the polluted Boston Harbor. After the harbor was cleaned up, she was stored in a local boatyard where punk...
  8. DaleH

    Classic Parker t-shirts, sweatshirts, cups, coffee mugs, etc

    You can buy Classic Parker sport cabin products here: You can buy Classic Parker center console products here: Apologies in advance, but at this time we do not have artwork specific to the walk-around model. We...
  9. DaleH

    Pretty as a postcard!

    Apparently some local artist from Plum Island thinks my boat makes a nice Summer postcard! I wish I had known that they were snapping the photo, as one of the crew left their kid's lifejacket out on my pulpit :oops: . Hmmmmmmmmm, with enough royalties maybe I could have enough to downsize and...
  10. DaleH

    Bigger boat

  11. DaleH

    Taco LED Spreader Lights - only $20.54 each!

    On closeout from Jim at BOE Marine. FWIW I use these on my Parker and a single one lights up my 9x11' cockpit easily! Item# TAC-LSEC50
  12. DaleH

    Status of the striped bass stocks?

    My brother is traveling this week and sent me this by email. He didn’t quote the source, but I’d bet $$ he brought On the Water and Saltwater Sportsman ​magazines ​with him on the plane ​ ​ ​and read it in one or both of them. Not good info regardless …​ Here are some more facts from various...
  13. DaleH

    Ran out of water ... !

    Durn it all ... I did it again ;) !
  14. DaleH

    GPS antenna

  15. DaleH

    Offical site for Parker clothing and gear Noticed that the link from the Parker homepage wasn't working ...
  16. DaleH

    The BEST penetrating oil ... that you can make yourself!

    FYI, here's the test results from the April/May 2007 edition of Machinist's Workshop. They did a test of penetrating oils where they measured the force (with a torque wrench) required to loosen rusty test devices. The lower the number of pounds the better. Penetrating oil ... - ... Average load...
  17. DaleH

    Getting closah ...

    ... that means 'almost ready to launch' for those of you without a Boston accent. You know like when driving and you don't use your directionals ... Use yah blinkahs! Not too bad a gloss and shine from a 1992 vintage beast ;) ... All that remains is new plugs and motor TLC - if it EVER stops...
  18. DaleH

    CP QUIZ - Older boat, guess how much bottom paint weighs????

    Ok, get your thinking caps on older boat, many seasons of paint (no idea if when "if ever" it maybe switched to ablative paint) - but guess how much the bottom paint that was removed weighed?? GIVEN: 1989 29' Blackfin hull INFO: Old bottom paint removed by water-soluble soda blasting, so only...
  19. DaleH

    OPTION for 21' models w/ cut-out transoms

    See: ... duct/1148/ For only $300 you can add a 5-1/2" setback bracket good for motors to 300hp, plus you can fine tune the engine height without unbolting it. Now one can get rid of the splashwell inside the boat that robs space and make any custom...
  20. DaleH

    Props for Parker boats for sale!

    Hey lookie here, Parker Marine is selling off some excess inventory of props for the Yamaha motors. You might be able to find what you need right here: ... 1&_ipg=&_f