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  1. DaleH

    'Classic Parker' to continue under new Management

    Good day all: Many, many years ago I had started this Classic Parker website after the demise of the old PilotHouse Board that had a lot of Parker boat owners on it. It is my desire to see the knowledge here live on intact, but TomS and I are tired and moving on to other ventures. To that...
  2. DaleH

    Epoxy question

    I don’t use West System epoxy any more ... less their G-Flex 650 product, but only when I want a ‘flexible’ epoxy. THIN - I buy the $20+ 2-part kit from West Marine, as it is a nice, thin penetrating epoxy - no thinning agent needed! OTHER - I use the kits from; simple 2:1 mix, no...
  3. DaleH

    Parker 2540 sneak peak

    I like dual consoles ... but that big?
  4. DaleH

    Did you know a float/trickle charger can KILL your battery?

    FYI, posted this on another boating forum I frequent now that I don't have a big boat anymore ... but I thought some info may be valuable here too... The charging voltage is always much higher than the maximum possible or 'usable' voltage. The ideal full power charging voltage for lead acid...
  5. DaleH

    Not mine but looks like a great deal - 2520 w/new Suzuki 300

    With wood door, soft V, no pulpit and high-mount control binnacle location, I'd say she's a VERY early 1990 vintage - appears identical to my old 1992 model.
  6. DaleH

    Flushing suki 4 stroke

    I boat on a tidal estuary fed by brackish water many miles up-river ... so perhaps that is why we don't need to ...
  7. DaleH

    Flushing suki 4 stroke

    Never, ever bothered to flush an OB motor. And with proper maintenence and care I see no reason to ...
  8. DaleH

    second station ignition?

    On OMC motors, it was the 2 magneto positions from the OMC key switch. As it happens, this also worked with my Suzuki DF250ho OB. To be really specific, you should check/confirm your brand keyswitch positions with an OEM manual or a dealer.
  9. DaleH

    yammi 150 4 stokes keep shutting down

    If both draw from the same tank, I'd start with the tank or fuel system 1st. It could be a blocked or partially clogged anti-siphon valve (ASV), note they appear just like a std barbed fitting, but it is in the insides that they differ. They use a SS ball bearing and spring to prevent fuel from...
  10. DaleH

    tell tale no water at all

    Were you running on muffs or in the water? We had an interesting situation the other week where we used to use dual-feed muffs on the V6 motors, but the water pressure looked a tad low in the boat yard. They would not pee using the dual feed muffs ... and we sure didn't leave them running for...
  11. DaleH

    My new 250 4 stroke

    More important would be where your RPMs were ... I'd pitch her so you're not more than 200 off the max, not that you'd run there a lot ...
  12. DaleH

    Trim Motor Issue

    Scrape/clean connections and apply dielectric grease. 'Dry' old connections can sometimes do that ...
  13. DaleH

    My new 250 4 stroke

    ... motor mounted too deep will rob you of fuel economy 10X more than any loss of speed ...
  14. DaleH

    repower or not to repower

    Agreed, sorry I missed it ... but while your HP might be ideal, without knowing what RPMs you can turn at WOT and what the motor is rated for (5,500 or 6,000 max) ... we can't tell if you have the right pitch prop. Ideally you'd want to be setup so you are no more than 200 RPMs maximum, with...
  15. DaleH

    repower or not to repower

    Parkers are not and have never been 'speed demons'. I would think up to 25 kt cruise on an SE hull would be ideal! That hull can't go faster in any sea anyway, even with a 300hp on the stern. I'd stay with what you have and save your $$ ...
  16. DaleH

    Unusual Parker Sou'wester

    ... already advertised here for sale ...
  17. DaleH

    Anyone want to help get my Yamaha running this year?

    My bro's Honda fuel injected 130hp 4-stroke acted like that once and we ended up having the injectors cleaned. Went to a hot rod shop .... faster/better service and cheaper than anything/anywhere 'marine' related.
  18. DaleH

    What rpm range do you normal cruise ?

    I'd opine that the sweet spot for 2-strokes is typically ~4,000 to 4,200 and about 4,500 for 4-strokes, from my experience w/ said V-6 motors on boats running fuel computers. 'Sweet spot' would be best fuel economy/range.
  19. DaleH

    Nice Parker story from a Classy Boat Mfr.

    Well said :mrgreen: !
  20. DaleH

    Selling an oddball SouWester

    OMG I think you just posted the OLDEST Parker that I've ever heard of! And the styling is pure wild! ... and the asking price is ... :?: