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    WTB: Parker 2510 walkaround-used

    I have a 2002- 2510 f225. Boat is in Middle River MD
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    Blue Angels Annapolis 2014

    Kevin, I saw them two years ago at the inner harbor and it was great. The roar when they go by is awesome.
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    Chesapeake Trophy Season Pics

    We had a few days when the fishing was very good and a few days no so good. Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.
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    Opening Weekend Chesapeake

    Didn't fish opening day with the forecast they were calling for, would have not been pleasant for my wife and two daughters. My daughter goes to college and only had this weekend availbale so she drove up from Salisbury University on Sunday. She got to the boat around noon. We only caught one...
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    one more week to go

    It does get a bit crowded, sometimes it feels like your playin chicken when running planers. Not much Love at Love Pt. on opening day, it can get crowded their too. Opening day, I'll start fishing around 3pm and by 5 or 6 its not bad at all. Good luck ! Anthony Capt Kevin and Greg, are you...
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    one more week to go

    It's like being a kid and Christmas is coming. What area you plan on fishing? I'll will be fishing from BB to Poplar.
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    A shout out to Coastal Canvas for awesome service!

    Do you have a contact name and phone number. thanks Anthony
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    My F225 has the corrosion issue

    Hot Pursuit, I don't use Beacon Light, although nothing is wrong with them and I know Chris Pine(service manager) pretty well. I use Ed Miller(Hi Tech Marine), don't know if you know him but he is a great mechanic and about a nice a guy as you will ever meet. My brother and I have been using...
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    My F225 has the corrosion issue

    Motor is a 2002 with 1,000 hours and has never had an issue. Took the motor in for 1000 maintenace and mechanic called to tell me about the corrosion and sent me a pic. The motor is run in the upper Chesapeake most of the year and is docked way back in a creek which I woud consider almost fresh...
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    Chesapeake Bay-Spring Rockfish w/ Pics

    Been out four times and have done pretty good. Biggest fish was 42" my neighbor caught. My 13 year old caught her first spring rockfish.
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    Replacement Seat Cushions

    Who did you get the cushions from and could you give us a contact number?
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    Fishing Rod Transporter

    Looks good but I would worry about stopping at a traffic light and some kid runs up from behind and snatches a few. I guess those rods are around $200 a piece, two juveniles could wipe you out.
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    Has anyone added factory pulpit?

    Originally my boat didn't have a bow pulpit but someone hit my boat bending the bow rail. I ended up buying the pulpit and new bow rail. I believe they were about $1100 each about 7 years ago. At the time you could by the front section of the bow rail but if I remember correctly it was expensive...
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    Hurricane Irene, East Coast Watch Thread

    I got lucky. I pulled my boat to get some glass work done and they guy doing the work got delayed; he started working on it the other day but didn't get it done, it's still in a covered building.
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    Parker Work Boat

    The family and I were on vacation in Maine and I took a pic of a 18' Parker rigged for lobstering. Just thought some would like to see it.
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    Fuel Prices

    $4.20 last weekend in upper Chesapeake. When I was checking the price one guy was just getting done pumping 173 gallons=$730.00. Took my daughter bass fishing in my small boat last night. Caught seven largemouth bass 2 - 3 pounds plus a bigger one and maybe used a gallon of gas. What a cheap...
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    pics of saturdays storm

    I saw some video of Bowley's Quarters which looked real nasty. I think I have seen your boat on a lift, it's on the port side heading back in from the bay.
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    Electrolysis problem on engine bracket

    Took the Zinc off today and sure enough it was painted under it. A quick grind, cleaned up zinc, retouched up the paint. Took a total of 20 minutes. Any idea why Parker doesn't do this?
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    Electrolysis problem on engine bracket

    Is it just a screw that that holds the zinc on, do you have to use any sealant?
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    Electrolysis problem on engine bracket

    Question, What is the condition of the zinc on the bottom of the bracket?? My guess is it is probably near %100 un-touched. Does Parker install them over the paint. I ask becuase my zinc is pretty much untouched and there is are a few small areas of corrosion around the mounting bolts. Bracket...