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  1. pelagic2530

    Anchor light project

    So the all around/anchor light will be on the underside of the T-top? Still seems like it would be pretty blinding. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out. Did you consider mounting it on top of the T-top?
  2. pelagic2530

    Newly acquired 1990 17cc

    Nice boat! I run a ‘97 1700 out of Norfolk. I’d be interested to see how the two boats differ between the model years.
  3. pelagic2530

    New to Parkers, 20 years recreational boating

    I’m not sure where you’re boating that you get 38-40kt conditions with a 21-degree deadrise hull, but I envy you. Where I run out of DE, much above the mid-20s is going to beat the hell out of you in pretty typical conditions. He’s north of me on the same coast so he’ll likely see a similar...
  4. pelagic2530

    New to Parkers, 20 years recreational boating

    For where he’s at, the 150s will be fine unless he’s going to be running really heavily loaded all the time, which it doesn’t sound like is his plan. But I agree with you, 70K seems steep.
  5. pelagic2530

    2006 Parker 2510

    Is yours an air horn, or an electric one? The momentary compressors for the air ones draw a good bit of instantaneous power, unless it’s the kind that uses a pressure tank.
  6. pelagic2530

    2006 Parker 2510

    BEP switch isn’t going to help your horn issue, although it’s a good idea regardless. You’ve got some homework to do. The reason your electronics are shutting off is due to voltage drop. The compressor for your air horn draws a relatively high amount of amperage. This, combined with supply...
  7. pelagic2530


    I’ll say that I have a pair of Xtra Tuff ankle boots, and I’m not particularly impressed. The tread is not very aggressive, and I’ve almost slipped while wearing them a few times. Those Grundens look like they have some very good tread on them.
  8. pelagic2530

    Check under your gunwales.

    I’d still recommend cutting that off, or at least knocking the tip off with a file. Screws that are too long like that are a fast track to compromised wire insulation and very hard-to-troubleshoot electrical issues.
  9. pelagic2530

    New trim tab blades

    How much have you run the boat? Aside from the questionable fix, do you feel the need to upgrade to bigger tabs? Honestly, if the tabs function properly, and they extend/retract to the proper degree even with the fix, I’d leave it for now. A few tiny pieces of hardware are not going to impact...
  10. pelagic2530

    New 2520XLD Pricing - - - WOW WOW WOW

    I just finished a total overhaul of my ‘95 2530. The only thing that wasn’t redone or upgraded was the tank (definitely on borrowed time) and some of the cosmetic stuff- new cushions, cabin carpet, etc. With new power, new electronics, new electrical, and a ton of upgrades, I figure I’m about...
  11. pelagic2530

    Candy Cane Rocket Launcher Thingy

    Yeah, maybe I’m not envisioning it correctly but I don’t know of any way this would work and not be in the way of the door, in addition to being a head banger. Also, it looks like it would swing around a lot.
  12. pelagic2530

    Rigging tube Substitute opinion

    I used one on each of my twin 150s before my repower, after the old tube crumbled away. No complaints, they work great for UV protection. They just don’t provide any physical protection so you’ll want to avoid stepping on the cable bundles, pinching them while tilting the motor, etc.
  13. pelagic2530

    Installing a fresh water tank and washdown

    I’d be very interested in seeing some pictures of your setup.
  14. pelagic2530

    Installing Lewmar Pro Fish 700

    Warthog disagrees with me on this one, but for occasional use, manually securing power to the windlass by opening the breaker at the helm is perfectly fine. The breaker is designed to have that functionality. I wouldn’t do it 10 times a day, but closing it when you’re anchoring and then...
  15. pelagic2530

    Suspension seat ideas?

    Do you happen to have any pictures of them? I’m weighing options for my 2530 and I’m very interested in what you came up with.
  16. pelagic2530

    Suspension seat ideas?

    Now it’s my turn to apologize! Sorry to nitpick the measurement, but I’m curious. Where on the seat did you measure this to? The bottom of the seat itself, or the bottom of the mount? I’ve attached a picture of what I have. You can see that it’s right about the same measurement, if it was...
  17. pelagic2530

    Installing Lewmar Pro Fish 700

    Hmm… I wonder if the Lewmar remote could be made to work with other brands. I’m guessing it’s just sending a remote signal to the solenoids, which in theory is just a +/- 12v signal. I’d still be reluctant to install one without a hard wired switch. Imagine dropping the remote overboard...
  18. pelagic2530

    Does a 21DV CC with a bracket exist?

    I’ve seen them several times in person at the VA Beach boat show. Excellent build quality, very good rigging (miles ahead of the new Parkers, FWIW), genuinely good people running the shop. If I was in the market for a new 21, they’d be my first stop.
  19. pelagic2530

    Does a 21DV CC with a bracket exist?

    The factory has never produced one with a bracket. I’d bet there may be a handful that have been converted, but there’s definitely one-offs. If you want to see a damn nice 21with a true full transom and bracket, check out the Pair Customs 21DV. One very impressive boat.
  20. pelagic2530

    Simrad AP16

    That’s correct.