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    2004 2120 For Sale

    Long Gone! Waaaaah! I miss it terribly. An empty spot in the driveway and in my heart... Next time - 2320!
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    2004 2120 For Sale

    She is being moved to Garrett's Marine on the Rappahannock for brokering this week. Not enough bites for me to keep trying on my own. Hope I can sell soon, she needs to be in the hands of someone that will fish her - I won't have the time. :(
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    2004 2120 For Sale

    Second Station parts are gone. The bloodletting begins.... :cry:
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    2004 2120 For Sale

    Moving to Idaho from Virginia. No more striper trips for me! Would like to sell my 2120 this spring. Gonna broker it in a week or so. I'm the original owner. Runs like a top. Yamaha F150 (four stroke). She's been rinsed with salt-away after EVERY use and kept out of the water. No paint! Rocket...
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    CP member hobbies when you aren't boating or fishing?

    I am into astrophotography and astronomy. Could come in handy if we get stuck out on the water at night with no navigation aids! I have enclosed a picture from last month.
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    Trailer Light Gremlins

    Trailers are the weakest link in boating enjoyment. I hate boat trailers. I have had boats my whole life and have needed to trailer them. I pride myself on preventive boat maintenance. Since the beginning I have had only one instance of boat failure (bad seal on a cheap Tempo fuel/water...
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    Do I have to pull the boat out?

    Ice damage. Sun exposure. Easier maintenance. Battery maintenance. I'm sure there would be more reasons but I can't think of them... Oh yeah! GIANT STRIPERS!!!
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    Trailer tires dry-rotted -- which ones to replace with?

    All trailer tires stink. That said, Marathons have done okay on my rig but I am very open to trying another brand. Are you covering them to prevent sun damage?
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    trailer question

    For the use you describe I wouldn't get anything more than a typical galvanized bunk trailer from an average manufacturer.
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    How to make a Parker fly

    Forget bungees on the rods, get one on the guy in the back!
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    Need Help is 2120 big enough

    I don't like to go offshore 25+ miles without twin motors or a buddy boat. Been stranded out 75 miles with dead motor (on another person's boat) and it's not a situation I want to put my family in - not in a 21 foot boat. Single diesel on a 40 footer is a different story. The 2120 is very...
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    Were you able to get them in the "sand" color? We're watching...
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    Aft steering station

    Doing it as we speak. Can't wait 'til the hot weather gives me a break so I can finish.
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    what RPMs should I have at full throtlle in 150hp

    Start cruising the auction sites and find a replacement. Not sure about which fit the two stroke 150 but there are props that turn up frequently can be had for significant discount. I bought my back up 13-3/4 X 17 black steel for less than $100 BNIB. Had to wait a few moths for it but worth it.
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    Long Distance Trailer Tips

    I am a traveling hub, bearing, race, brake, etc. ad nauseum replacement warehouse. It all lives in a big box in the back of the truck. If I ever see anyone broken down with a trailer on the side of the interstate I will stop and get 'em going... if they have the same hub guts as I do anyway...
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    Just a question in making comparisons

    How about some long distance trailer maintenance tips? Surely you have some trailer stories?
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    I Bought a Mac!

    I've been locked out of Mapsource for years now. GGGRRRRRRRRR!!! Plenty of friends around with PC's to do the dumps with the Garmin. Would be nice not to have to go to anyone else. It's the only thing I've ever needed that Macs won't do. Haven't tried with the new Intel chips though.
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    2120 vs 2320

    After 5 years with the 2120 I have no regrets. If you are concerned about size for towing or slipping get the 2120. If these concerns do not apply to you get the 2320. The larger boat has more cockpit storage and has the full transom for more security in bigger water. There are some who insist...
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    I Bought a Mac!

    My first Mac was a 512k. Had to load the system into RAM and then work off a floppy for the program/file. I've only had five different machines in all those years. Never, ever had a hardware issue. Never have any system crashes anymore either. Never understood Windows very well but it seems...
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    Trailer wiring--need guidance

    I hate my trailer!