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  1. Porkchunker

    Boat For Sale 2002 Parker 2510

    Sold. Delivered her to the new owner yesterday. She will be missed. Our last sunset (with rising moon) and sunrise.
  2. Porkchunker

    Boat For Sale 2002 Parker 2510

    It is with a tear in my eye that I’m placing my 2001 Parker 2510 “Tina’s Diamond” up for sale. Now retired and moving to the Mid-West to be closer to children and grandchildren. My fishing will now be on fresh water rivers, lakes and ponds. Description and pictures are on my own website: For...
  3. Porkchunker

    Can’t buy a new Parker

    I have a 2002 2510 that I'm getting ready to sell. One owner, and I'm a bit on the OCD side about keeping it covered when I'm not on it, and keeping it clean and maintained. When I'm ready I'll post it for sale here on CP first.
  4. Porkchunker

    Where did you mount your CC fire extinguisher?

    I mounted mine (two) to the back of the captains chairs with SS screws and then added a velcro strap to keep them in place. Next time I’m at the boat, I’ll try to remember to take a pic and upload it here.
  5. Porkchunker

    Easy Boat Cover

    I use a custom made wooden frame and a 25’ x 40’ heavy duty tarp. Works great, but is time consuming to install in the winter and remove in the spring. Better than letting 3’ of snow pile up on the deck. I’ll see if I can find some pics to upload.
  6. Porkchunker

    Flyrod Holder

    I have four horizontal flyrod holders I made out of 2” PVC pipe. I mounted them on the frame for the T-Top. Will try to find a picture in my library of them.
  7. Porkchunker

    Broken fuel vent

    I replaced both the fuel vent and fresh water tank vent with the flush SS variety many years ago and couldn’t be happier. Flush means they don’t hang up on a dock or docking board.
  8. Porkchunker

    2520 fuel tank

    My 2002 2510 smelled like raw fuel after I refueled it. Was worried that it might be the tank, but wanted to rule out the simple things. Took it to the dealer for service and mentioned the problem and asked them to check the fill and vent lines. Fill line was leaking. Had them replace both and...
  9. Porkchunker

    New Parker, HORRIBLE Ride

    I have a 2002 2510 MV (same hull, different topside) and have to slow down in rough seas. As others have said, I run the tabs up and the motors trimmed for the best ride I can get at 18-20 mph. I do have a permatrim on each of the F115s that help lift the stern when i need that. But...once you...
  10. Porkchunker

    25 modified vee with twins.

    I have a 2002 2510 MV with twin F115s. WOT at 5600 moves her at about 40 mph. Cruise at 3900-4100 at about 24 mph and 9.0-10.5 GPH. If I repower, I’d move to twin F150s or Suzuki 140s.
  11. Porkchunker

    Permatrim Question

    I have a 2002 2510 with twin F115s. Plenty of power but nose ran high with that weight on the bracket. Trim tabs were marginal, so I added a Permatrim SS plate to each F115. World of difference. The boat stays on a trailer when not in use and I rinse it before putting it away, so I’ve not...
  12. Porkchunker

    2801 Parker - Twin 150 Performance

    I have a 2510 MV with twin F115s. Power is acceptable based on the MV ride—I have to slow down in choppy water, so they do A-OK. If I were to re-power, I’d go for twin F150s. On a 28, I’d consider twin F150s marginally/under powered.
  13. Porkchunker

    Fuel tank longevity

    I have a 2002 2510 with the single 126 gal tank; still doing well.
  14. Porkchunker

    Hi, I'm Porkchunker, and I'm a slacker

    Well, I'm still a slacker. Dad passed away two years ago, and last year I moved Mom to Lincoln, NE to be closer to my brother (MD, family practicioner). Youngest son was married this summer, and I've just been lazy about getting back on CP to contribute. Obviously haven't spent much time on...
  15. Porkchunker

    Hi, I'm Porkchunker, and I'm a slacker

    Jim, Yes, my father built that boat in 1958. The hull came from a Canadian company that perfected the cold modling process to build curved surfaces for the British Mosquito bomber during WWII. After the war they went back to canoes and boats with the new technology. The hull is 5-ply birch...
  16. Porkchunker

    Hi, I'm Porkchunker, and I'm a slacker

    Kevin, Yes, I'm still running out of Solomons. NRC costs less for me to store the boat than up here in the Anappolis area. Fishing is great, there are a lot of rivers and big islands to fish in/around, and it is less crowded. Water quuality seems to be better down there also. Havn't made any...
  17. Porkchunker

    Hi, I'm Porkchunker, and I'm a slacker

    Must admit my failings. I've drifted away from here but need to come back and renew friendships and look over all the mods people have made in the last couple of years I've been doing other things.
  18. Porkchunker

    The 9th Annual Annapolis Area, Chesapeake Rendezvous!

    As soon as I get back from Assateaguue with the Youth Group, I'm off to Wrightsville Beach, NC for a week. Towing "Tina's Diamond" down and back. Tried to do the wheelbearings last Sat, but couldn't budge several lug nuts. So off to Tri-State she went for some work I should be doing. Harvey...
  19. Porkchunker

    The 9th Annual Annapolis Area, Chesapeake Rendezvous!

    It is later this year than the last one I attended. Bumping up against my prep time to take my church youth group to Assateague Is. for a weekend camping trip. Will have to bow out this year.
  20. Porkchunker

    Get your Classic Parker Burgees & Decals for XMAS!

    Dale, my CP burgee is shredded. It is several years old and has a lot of miles on it. It wore well, but is now in need of replacing. Still have them?