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    Rigging for hoisting

    I Love Pt Arena! Interesting strap setup. I have only launched inflatables up there for spearfishing. My rib was set up similar to yours. Our club boat, 18 ft archiles, had two straps joined to a central lifting ring. Sure wish they had not closed Arena Rock, got my largest ever scallop...
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    New to me 2320 in Oakland Ca

    New to me 2320 Parker 2022 model Spent a year trying to decide Grady Gulfstream or Parker 2320, then another year looking for 2320. Found Gulfstream scuppers are underwater with twin 200 HP motors How crazy is that? Glad to finally join the Parker family. Bought this from one of the nicest guys...
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    Trolling motor batteries and bank charger hookup question

    Checkout Mastervolt 24V. 24V/25-2 would charge each bank at 24V and 25 amps per 2 battery bank. I have the 12V/25-3 for 3, 12V batteries, 2 for start, one for house. 25 amps per battery when charging. They can be programed for different types of batteries, but can not mix types. Mine has a...