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    2520 Cabinet sleeper bench addition for the Horndog Part 2

    The bench was mounted with two pieces of 1X1 inch aluminum angle. A piece is in one of the pictures in the part 1 The cabinet cost me about 350 to make and about 400 for the cushions.
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    2520 Cabinet sleeper bench addition for the Horndog Part 1

    Just saw this sorry about the pictures. I originally posted the pics on the Allcoast sportfishing web site and they are gone now. Let me see what I can do.
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    My first Major Issue. I have Questions.

    Had the exact same issue once. Hit the trim button and it acted like a kill switch. Loose ground connection somewhere.
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    Dash pics of your 2520xl

    This is old now, I now have a Furuno 585 in the center of the dash in front of the pliers. that worked out real nice.
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    2520, bracket vs. transom mount?

    I agree this has been answered before so I'll let you look into that if you want details. I will just say I much prefer the notch as the boat trims out much better. The bracket does make an awesome swim step by the looks of it. I also think that with the DV I would not want the 250hp. I don't...
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    Yamaha Fuel Management system

    I just can't get a gps speed. I cut off the plug and spliced mine. Stick with Andy and let us know how you make out..
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    Yamaha Fuel Management system

    From what I've heard, the newer engines are not a problem. Yours being older I'm not sure. That being said, I tried it on my 2005 (with the round gauges), and for some reason only works on some of them. I got the info for Andy at shipyard Island Marine. I followed them to the letter and I guess...
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    sliding door conversion on a 01 2520

    Don't know if anyone has done that on this board. The only time I've seen it done, it was done at West Coast Parker in California., don't know if they would help with info or not.
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    considering custom below deck large fish hold, need opinions

    I used 2" polyurethane foam sheets. My neighbor has a roofing business and he got them fairly reasonable. I’m guessing about 50 bucks for a full sheet. They were very easy to cut, shape and glass in place, and make a killer ice hold. I would look into a metal locking water tight hatch if I were...
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    Moving rocker switch panel

    If I remember correctly someone on here makes switch panels. Do a search, I think they were pretty nice.
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    Washdown pump not working

    Great catch, I don’t check the boards much anymore so I hope you get this. I had a very similar problem years back. (Huge voltage drop at the pump). The wires are in a wiring harness that’s why they are taped together. My problem was an automotive type plug in the factory wiring. It was in the...
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    Yami stalling issues (UPDATED ON LATER POST)

    My fuel monitor is off 10% consistently. You have to do the fill it up and see what it used for an accurate understanding. Don't know anything of the engine you mentioned. When my F150 started sputtering and running rough it turned out to be the injectors. Which were easy to send in and get...
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    insulated fishbox?

    Call me, although I have already posted this quite awhile ago I may be able to help you. 310-779-3123
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    Anybody know which screws split my Yamaha 704 duel engine co

    Anybody know which screws split my Yamaha 704 duel engine controller? I'm trying to replace a throttle cable and I don't want to try to figure out a mess in the middle. lol The top of the controller under the plastic, is covered with foam and I don't want to just rip it off if I don't have to...
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    Fuel Monitor Guage

    Andy and SIM replied to me with this answer a while back; HI John, You need a gauge power “diode kit” for that FM gauge. This way either engine key switch will power up that gauge with power, without paralleling the two engine harness’s. Make sense? With all the parts and labor to assemble...
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    Water strainers, AWESOME!

    Thanks Bryan, Parker's deserve our best.
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    Water strainers, AWESOME!

    Are you really tired of sucking stuff up into your bait pumps? Well I sure was, so I fixed that problem once and for all. Here on the west coast we need a reliable bait system and mine was really irritating me. Fishing Catalina overnight or longer I would always suck stuff up into my pump...
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    High Water Alarm

    Thanks, adding a link too, you're the man. I will look into it so I can get started. Nothing like quality when it comes to the important stuff.
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    High Water Alarm

    Capt. Kevin, What kind of alarm is that. I need to get one and don't really know what's on the market. I remember reading a post about this quite some time back and agree now is a good time. I just had a washdown pump hose leak and it got me thinking about something more realiable then just...