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  1. atcbill

    Long Beach, CA based 2007 21se

    Yes that's the one. They could almost be twin bridges.
  2. atcbill

    Long Beach, CA based 2007 21se

    Nice setup. That looks like the bridge over to the MCRD area. I used to keep my 2830 at Harbor Island West.
  3. atcbill


    I run a household dehumidifier 24/7 and have 2 small marine countertop fans running when the boat is not in use. I also use one of these every couple months for good measure: UV Light Sanitizer For what you have now I would use some RMR-86M Marine Stain Remover. Powerful stuff. Use well ventilated.
  4. atcbill

    New to me 2006 2530 Parker twin Yamahas

    Congrats on the new boat. What area/port will you be running it from? Look forward to seeing more pics.
  5. atcbill

    What subscriptions/services do you have related to your boat?

    BoatUS towing, Garmin Navionics Vision+, Active Captain, MyRadar app, Windy app, and Navionics Boating/Chart app, Fusion app for stereo control.
  6. atcbill

    Parker Logo Rod Holders

    Cecil Marine has them. (and a lot of other Parker parts): PARKER LOGO S/S ROD HOLDER - 2017 AND NEWER *In Stock & Ready To Ship! So is Great Lakes Skipper:
  7. atcbill

    2330 scupper problems

    My previous 2330 had a similar problem with a Suzuki 250hp on a bracket. The scupper balls on the backside of the boat were not sealing and allowing water to flow back into the boat. I replaced those and that worked well. You can also check to see if there is any water inside your bracket (if...
  8. atcbill

    Parker Wiring Schematics

    2320 DVSC Wiring & Main Breaker (Older models)
  9. atcbill

    Parker Wiring Schematics

    2120 DVSC & 2320 DVSC Wiring Diagram (Older models)
  10. atcbill

    Parker Wiring Schematics

    2830 DC Wiring Schematic
  11. atcbill

    Parker Wiring Schematics

    2830 Auxiliary Electrical Panel
  12. atcbill

    Parker Wiring Schematics

    2830 Main Electrical Panel
  13. atcbill

    Parker Stringer Layouts

    2830 Stringer Layout
  14. atcbill

    Parker Fuel Tank Dimensions

    2830 Fuel Tank Schematic 3-tank layout
  15. atcbill

    3d printed items for the boat?

    Looks great! I’m trying to learn Fusion360 now. I would like to replicate the window locks first and then port hole shades/covers for inside the cabin.