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    Boat Wanted Wtb: Parker 21/23

    Also looking for 21SE with the same specs in the original post. Lmk what you got
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    Boat Wanted Wtb: Parker 21/23

    Looking for a 23 DV or SE, preferably late 90s or early 2000s with 4 stroke power. Not afraid of a little work, doesn’t have to be pretty but not looking for a full rebuild. Let me know what y’all got 703 three 0 three - three 5 9 one, call or text
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    Boat Wanted Trade for 23/25 CC

    I have a mint ‘94 1800 with a Yamaha 115 2 stroke, half tower with controls, Rhodan trolling motor, 2022 Garmin 9” echomap with GT56 xducer, Bennett trim tabs, SW wash down, rebuilt trailer. Comes with a full sunbrella cover. Set up perfectly for inshore fishing, I’m just looking for something a...
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    Parts For Sale Electronics box for 18/21 size console - best offer

    Made this electronics box for my 1800 and then decided to go a different route. Designed for a piece of acrylic or starboard to cover the dash on which electronics would mount. Should be able to fit 2x 9” screens, potentially 12”s. Intended to be screwed / through bolted to the top of the...
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    2320 SL bridge clearance

    Anybody know the height from the waterline to the top of the cabin on the 2320? Potentially thinking about buying, but have a low bridge I have to travel through on the way out.
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    Adding Second Helm

    I am not familiar with the digital throttle, but assume you'll need a second one of those. You'll also need a second hydraulic steering helm, recommend same size / brand as your current. In addition you'll need T-fittings (ORB #6 helm side // 9/16 x 24 UNEF 2A hose side for UFLEX) to go on your...
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    Stern Savers vs Pads

    It was at the beginning of the covid stuff in 2020 from what i have seen. i think you can still find the sternsaver "minis" at some places online but i believe they are just remaining stock selling off. From what I have seen, the starboard/gflex thing i mention is basically the same thing.
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    Stern Savers vs Pads

    Believe sternsaver is out of business. A 4th option is to buy a piece of 3/4" thick starboard and use west systems gflex to bond it to the transom. If you look at the Gflex adhesion data online if you correctly prep surface (sanding, heating of starboard w/ torch, cleaning, etc.) you should...
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    Penn Battle III DXs. Best value for the $. I think the 6000 is like $159 new. Daiwa BG also solid, similar price range maybe 10-15$ cheaper. Also check THT, frequently see good deals on reels / combos pop up. Rod wise I like the Shimano Teramar SE, Jigging World Nexus. Both are same ~$150 range...
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    Half tower on 18 Parker?

    even something similar to this? not a full tower.
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    Half tower on 18 Parker?

    Curious of the forum's thoughts on this. Towers are a game changer here in the Chesapeake Bay, so was thinking about putting one on my boat this fall. Minimal transom deadrise and relatively large beam on the boat makes me think that something shorter between 1/2 and 3/4 tower size would be...
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    Rhodan TM Issue

    WHY? Sounds like a cheap install.....No Master ON/OFF Sw.? I figured that I wouldn't really have to turn it off and on much once I had it on for the day. The only reason I am using the breaker as a switch is to reset the system when it isn't working correctly. I guess I may have to add a...
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    Rhodan TM Issue

    warthog- I've been using mine as a switch probably more than I should be, but I did just install it 3 months or so ago so I don't think it would become a problem yet. But the plan is to check it out
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    Rhodan TM Issue

    Rseate - I actually did that before I went out Saturday and didn't see any improvements unfortunately. I'm thinking I may need to resync the FOB too?
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    Rhodan TM Issue

    Yeah I made sure I installed on of those- have you ever had issues with the blue seas breakers? I'm running a 50 A BS 285. Had someone tell me they had similar issues and it ended up being a bad breaker causing weird voltage drops, although I'm not sure which one he was using.
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    Rhodan TM Issue

    Its a manual deploy system. I'd say that the issue isn't entirely correlated to the stow and re-deploy; I think it is mainly correlated to when I switch the motor off for an extended period of time (running between spots) and then try to start using it again. It doesn't happen every time, but...
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    Rhodan TM Issue

    Question for Rhodan owners- I recently bought a 60" 80 lb Rhodan and was using it for my first outing this weekend. When I first powered it up and deployed it, everything worked great. Didn't have any start-up faults, was able to get GPS fix. However, once I stowed it and ran to a new spot and...
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    Removing pedestal seats from 1800?

    Has anybody removed pedestal seat bases from an 1800? I am curious if there is a backing plate on the underside of the floor through which the bases are bolted, or if they are simply screwed into the plywood floor. Trying to determine how easy it will be to swap to a leaning post.
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    Navigation Lights with Trolling Motor on 1801

    in my install i removed the current nav light, filled the hole, and plan to install side mounted Taco nav lights through the sidewall of the bow cap. I think there was another individual on Classic Parker that did the same and they look good.
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    OEM deck access plates

    Anybody know the brand/model of the OEM pry out deck access plates? Have a ‘94 1800 and looking to replace the gaskets on them. Thanks