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Sep 28, 2021
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I recently acquired a new to me 1993 1800 Parker center console. Overall the boat is in great shape, however there is a crack along the transom cap that extends from the end of the starboard cutout all the way to the port gunwale. The previous owner had caulked over the crack, the transom sounds solid, standing on the cavitation plate of the outboard shows no flex of the crack, so I am fairly confident that the transom is sound and that the issue is cosmetic, for now. I would appreciate any advice on how I should go about repairing the issue so it does not become a worse problem in the future. I know it is a 30 year old boat, the transom will probably need to be replaced eventually - but if I could get at least 5 more years before a major rebuild that would be great.

I have searched the forums and read all applicable posts. The reason for this new post:
1) Previous posts on this topic are all 5-10 years old, I am wondering if the community has any new insights on this.
2) I contacted Parker regarding this issue - their response follows. It took Parker a while to get back to me - there is a post on here that references this diagram illustrating the repair - the link in the post does not work and I am hopefully that someone could provide me with the diagram as Parker seems a little backed up.

From Parker:
" Thank you for contacting Parker Offshore! The lip forward of the crack, the top of the transom board and down the front of the transom board about 3-4” needs to be ground off to begin and then glass reapplied. I’m waiting for engineering to send me a diagram but they have been out of the office until recently and they are a little back logged. I will get you the diagram as soon as possible!! "

Thank you for your time.