Advice on adding a t-top from a different boat to my 04 21se

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Jun 16, 2020
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So long story short, I work at a dealership and have access to a t-top for free that was a warranty clean due to freeze damage (very small crack on canvas tube, about a 1/2"). Almost everything lines up, I have a 1/4" of space from the console on each side of the console for the rear mounts. I was just thinking of making starboard spacersthe problem is the forward mounts are about 5 " to high. Another issue is there's a cross bar from the front leg to the rear right where my side entrance door access for the console is. I'm considering getting rid of the front mounts completely and both side lower cross bars.

I know this sounds cheap, but given a free t-top and canvas id like to try to make it work, expesicially since I like the top and again its free (except for the cost of having so.eone weld some modifications.

My concern is anchoring to the floor, does anyone know how parker screwed/bolted the lower feet of the their tops on an 04 21se. After I find cost for fabrication to see if its worth it, im still considered about anchoring the feet to the boat. The tower in the picture is the same one I have to use, except I choose to use a bare aluminum top instead of white since the white just doesn't look right.


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