Aft Bilge Pump Replacement & Grab Rail

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Apr 23, 2020
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Barnegat, NJ
Last week the bilge switch at the helm got accidentally bumped (not by me of course) and was left on until I noticed it the next morning (ugh). Obviously it burned out the bump since I didn't turn the batteries off before leaving the boat for the day, why, because I'm lazy. The battery switch is in the aft bilge and I really despise that. See my other post "BEP Cluster" (work in progress). So today I replaced the bilge pump and float switch in-kind. The pump and switch appeared to be the original (2012) from the factory. They were bedded with silicone sealant to the flat bilge block, so I cleaned all of that out and reset the new pump and switch with a bed of new silicone sealant (and of course SS mounting screws). The original pump discharge hose was clamped and sealed with silicone, which I don't know why (never seen this before). I re-installed the hose dry with the clamp without silicone. This is a trivial project, but I wanted to post this information and the photos to help others. I have some more cleaning to do in the bilge. I also had some time, so I installed a grab rail next to the rocker switch panel (see photo) at the helm, maybe this will help prevent accidental bumps of the switches, I actually saw this on another post. This was not easy to install, the area behind here is narrow and I failed to thoroughly think through how I was going to get the washers and nuts on the posts. I tried to measure the hole locations about 8 times, but still they end up not where I wanted them. Getting the washers and nuts on the back was very difficult due to the access and the amount of wires back there. For an hour, I thought I was going to have to re-drill the holes or abandon this, but I got very lucky and with some patience I got it done.

Here are the links to the products that I used:
Bilge Pump:
Bilge Switch:
Grab Rail:
Silicone Sealant: