Charging Lithium LifePro4 Via 3.3 F225 and BEP Cluster

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Oct 30, 2013
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Beaufort, NC
Happy Thanksgiving CP crew.
I’ve started doing some research on replacing my start and house batteries this spring.
I did the original project and purchased my current set in the spring of 2017. I started getting low voltage shut down on my inverter only after 30/40 minutes at the end of the season. Usually 50% discharge runtime is about 2.5 hrs. I’ve not load tested them yet but based on age, I think it’s just time for new batteries In the spring. I also added a windless last season and I had to combine my batteries one time after running the windless a long time backing in to the beach. Another sign my start has also weakened some.
Current set up:
Optima Blue Top AGM Start
VmaxTank 200Ah AGM House
BEP Cluster battery switch.
ProMariner Pronautic 1220P hardwired charger. It does have a setting for the Lifepro4 Lithium.

I want to drop in a 230AH house and around a 100Ah start that are the newer Lithium LifePro4 type.
Will it work?
Mostly concerned with the engine charging the Lithium.
Thanks all,