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salty sam

Feb 23, 2006
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Subject article in this month's issue suggests that you should burn off any MTBE gas before filling up with Ethanol fuel. The article goes on to state that mixing MTBE and Ethanol fuels in the same tank could cause problems in the engine. As I recall, specific problems were not cited. My dealer (Tristate) also suggested burning MTBE fuel off as well.

I have about 80-100 gallons of MTBE fuel left in my tank. Capacity is 154. If this is the correct way to proceed, it may take me a while to burn the remainder of the MTBE fuel and I normally keep the tank topped off to avoid possible condensation.

What have others heard or experienced? If Robin Parker is lurking it would be nice to know what the builder suggests. Thanks.

Local Annapolis marinas are not filling up boats with e10 unless they are clearly below 1/4 tanks of MTBE gas. They claim that this is a safe ratio. I have run 30 gal this way without problems so far. Time will tell.
On Sat., I added 74 gallons of E10 midgrade gas to my 110-gallon tank. I ran for an hour or so, then headed in. I replaced the existing fuel/water separator with a new Yamaha 10-micron (blue) filter. I dumped the contents of the old filter into a bucket and saw only clean gas.

I hope that will take care of things. I have a spare filter on board in case I experience any sluggish engine response.

By the way, I paid $3.43/gallon for midgrade at Liberty Marina on the South River near Annapolis. The fuel dock attendants are young women who usually wear bikini tops throughout the summer. Due to the cool, windy, and drizzly weather on Sat, they had haevy sweatshirts on. :cry: :cry: The 15-year old boy fishing with me was pretty disappointed.
Liberty Marina you say John? :shock:
I should maybe check that establishment out this summer... :D
Kevin -

I'm sure the Admiral wouldn't mind fueling up down this way. :twisted:

If you would like some center console action later in the summer, you can meet me in the South River, and we can explore the Liberty fuel dock before starting the fishing.

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