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Sep 27, 2017
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South Orange County
Hey Guys,

Looking for a 2120, I sold my 2530 that I actually got from a fellow member about 3 years ago and decided to downsize. Loved the 2530 but had it in a slip and was limited to fishing distance and normally fish solo so didn’t need the size and cost of a larger boat. I’m open to projects and fully rebuilt my older 2530, I’m open to 2004 to 2018 and willing to pay fair market value. I’m not a dealer and have cash in hand, obviously prefer a 200 outboard but open to a repower project.

I’ve been a member of classic Parker for years and will make it an easy transaction. If you have any leads or interested in selling to upgrade please pm me anytime, fyi I’m not a weird dealer trying to flip a boat I’m solid person that loves Parker’s and fishing. I‘m looking for a solid Hull that I can trust fishing for local bluefin and into Mexican waters.

FYI here’s my old 2530 I rebuilt! Spent hours redoing the interior and customizing that boat.

Thanks Again!


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