forward bilge pump switch/25XL

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Maybe old news for some, I posted same on THT. I didn't realize until this year, my second season, that my automatic forward bilge switch is not wired direct to battery as the aft switch is. Alittle surprised since the water seems to accumulate first forward. Don't know if same on other models and years, mine's a 2004. :wink: Maybe not a big deal but good to know.
You are correct!

My dealer verified that the rear pump was wired 'hot', but the front pump was wired through the battery switch. If the switch is 'off', the pump is not active.

I replaced the forward bilge pump and switch this winter and corrected that error. My forward pump is now wired hot all the time.
I had an issue with the forward bildge getting near filled with water along with the starboard side storage locker having water also. My dealer disconnected my forward bildge and plugged the discharge hole. It appears that the discharge hole is just above the waterline so when under way the water would syphon back into the boat causing the problem. Somehow the water would come back in faster than the pump could pump it out or the water coming in would render the pump useless. After the fix my forward bildge and starboard forward locker are dry. I just have to get the dealer to fix the discharge hole properly. So far they have been great to deal with.Best of luck.
Fourports, I never had that problem. Was your problem because of the way the discharge hose was run to the hull in a way that could it siphon?
Well the front hose was sealed off and the front pump disconnected by my dealer and the leak stopped. It appears that the leak was either the hose syphoning water back into the hull or the fitting hose was not sealed properly. I was in a new 06 model and the front hatch with pump was not there. As the 2520xl moves through the water the water gets pushed up the side of the boat and puts that through hull under water, Now I hope the dealer properly seals the hole in my hull.