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Feb 23, 2006
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Cape St Claire, Maryland
I regestered today after finding out about ClassicParker from one my esteemed fellow Parker owners on the Tidalfish website Chesapeake Angler message board. On Tidalfish I am known as the Prince of Parker and I serve as the leader of the Parker fishing fleet in our never ending battle with those wine sipping Grady owners for fishing supremacy in the Chesapeake bay. I have a 7 year old 2110 WAC, but; I wish I had a 23 with a 4 stroke!!!! But the way Parker's have increased in value, I couldn't afford my boat at today's prices. So I guess I'm a lucky guy!!!!
Welcome Graymug!
Look at it this way... that 2110 isn't being built anymore, so it is indeed a Classic Parker. :D

Glad you're aboard... now how about posting a photo of that fish killing machine!
Eminent brother and esteemed fellow Parker owner,
I would if I could, but; I never figured out how to post photos. If I could post photos, you could see just how dirty my boat always seems to be. Better fish guts on the deck of a parker then wine stains on the deck of a Grady!!!!!
Eminent Brother and estemed fellow Parker owner,
Grady owners throwing stones???? They wouldn't want to get their hands that dirty and leave finger prints on their cheese and wine glases.