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Looking for feedback in pricing my parker for sale

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Jul 8, 2015
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Magothy River, Pasadena Maryland
Hey everyone!
I have a neighbor that wants to buy my Parker and he said "whatever the current market value is", but I want to be fair...I drink beer with this guy! lol. I told him it'd probably be North of 55K but I gotta check with the market.....so hey market!
The Parker is a 2004 2520XL repowered in the winter of 2019 with a DF300 2019 Suzuki, it has 185 hours on it. At the time it was repowered The sound system went to JL Audio and a Garmin 7412 touch with 18mi HD radar went in. Also while she was in I had the cabin upholstery redone with sunbrella and added 3" memory foam to the cushions for overnighting, but when the wife says we need a bigger boat...what do you do? lol
It also has a custom kitchenette in place of the port companion seat, air conditioning, 15-gallon freshwater washdown, macerator porcelin toilet, exterior shade window rap for the whole pilothouse, replacement high-end captain/mate chairs sitting on seaspensions as well. I'm probably forgetting something but she's in A-1 shape.
Any help would be greatly appreciated in this crazy market! Thanks!!



May 19, 2021
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$50k and it goes down by 1,000 for each additional time you post the same question.