New here, seeking a Parker 2320SC for greater Houston, TX area.

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Nov 27, 2020
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Hi, new to this forum. I am looking to get a used Parker 2320 for use in the clear lake/ Galveston, TX area. Anyone with any experience with these in the area? Texas summers are pretty brutal, so hoping the ventilation is good with the windows open ? Looking for a four stroke outboard and will be trailering it. Any advice or worthwhile upgrades or HP is appreciated, thanks !


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Jul 14, 2011
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Ortega river, Jacksonville, Fl
There is only one motor you should be looking at w/ that 2320: the 300 hp

You will be very pleasantly surprised at how cool that pilothouse is compared to center console boats. If it's still too "stuffy" you could add some ventilating fans to the pilothouse.

For add ons... I love my second station on the bulkhead in the cockpit. I also love my cockpit mounted 12" simrad. It keeps me from having to duck inside to look at the sonar screen.

Best wishes. I would venture to say the 2320 is the most sought after hull that holds it's value the most. When they come up for sale, they are usually sucked up off the marker in a flash. I was also looking for a used 2320 earlier this year. I came to realize that a new one is the best value as they hold their value so nicely.

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