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May 6, 2006
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Salem, MA
Thank you to the people who spend their own time bringing this site to life, and to those how continually offer a generous input of knowledge. I just picked up my Parker 2520SL this week. After spending many hours on her this week. She has every bit lived up to high reputation you have built this site upon. She was christened "The Claudia Marie" after my daughter. If you see me give me a holler.

Congratulations on on your new purchase! :)

Good to have anutha Pahka up heah on the No' Showa, they're Wicked Pissah! 8)

We poke through Salem Harbor quite a bit, we'll give you a holler next time we're through.

- John
Welcome aboard Mark!
Show us some photos of that ride!
We love to see how everyone personalizes their Parker. :wink:
Welcome to virtual Parker nirvana.

If you ever have a question about the boat, how to make repairs or modifications, just ask, or do a search of the projects forum. Lots of topics and pics to support the jobs.