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Apr 12, 2006
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Parker River, MA
This time though, we only got a better photo of one "CLASSIC PARKER" at dawn :wink:

Then, a picturesque sunrise over Cape Ann.

We sure felt safe and secure with the USCG cutter patrolling our fishing grounds, and my new antique 14/0 senator got its first workout to no avail.

Evidently the bite was on from 0530-0600 and I was late :(


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Porkchunker":8pli7r6i said:
Why was Dale sleeping instead of fishing? :D :D
Alas esteemed Parker brother ... while Chop-Chop was still leaving port ... I was on fish and had 2 in the boat before 7am ;) .

We left Glostah in a friend's CC so we only had a 9-mile run to find fish ... in my boat, I would have had a 30-mile run just to get to the starting line ;) .

We ended up with many hooked, 6 to the boat, and 5 caught & released ... all we too small to keep :cry: , being only 42" in length.


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Funny looking codpiece you have there Dale. :D
I wish we had those toona here.
Nice job!! :D
Nice Going Dale, I was waiting for you to post pix for Porkchunker after reading thread on FL 8)

Today I did the same; but didn't get out early, and had to be back too soon...Noticed you were still out so I'm expecting more pix here tonight :wink:

It's coming to the "Bitter End" and my Admiral wants an other toona; maybe I can catch-up with you tomorrow.

Thanks Capt. Kevin, I'm still soo green at this I'd dare tow only 3 lines :roll:
gw204":bfw3i06h said:
Megabyte":bfw3i06h said:
I wish we had those toona here.

That's what trailers and big trucks are for! You're only about 2 hours up Rt. 50 from OC. :)


You and I are going to have to get together, load up, and "Git her done." I've got the truck and trailer...we just need to decide which boat to take.

We need to invite Goldman along because he used to take his 23 DV CC out for tuna all the time and knows the ropes.