What are Parkers worth ???

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Capt. Ronnie

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Feb 24, 2006
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Wrentham Ma.
What do you think your Parker is worth,
and what models hold their value best.
I have been on the phone with ins. companies trying to shop my 6pack charter ins policy, and they tell me that my 23 is worth more now than what I paid for it new !
Does this sound right ???
I know this,
Go onto Yachtworld or any other brokerage site, and see what used Parkers are for sale,
LOTS of 25ft models, but it's pretty hard to find a 2320sc.
And I know this,
Mine has to be worth more than the new 2320 model, with the very low roof and VERY small dash !!!
The value of many popular brands is through the roof for many different reasons.

If you had bought a Bertram 31 or a Mako 261 (two very popular used boats these days) back in the late 80's, you would have paid a fraction of what those two boats are worth today, even if they haven't been restored yet.

For a restored copy of each of those makes??? Fugetaboutit! I have a friend who paid 30k for an unrestored 1988 Mako 261 with twin 1998 carburated power several years ago, and he was happy to get it. Old gas powered 31 Berts go for much more than that, if you can find one.

Parkers, especially the Sport Cabin models, are no different. A new 2520 can go for prices in the mid 70k range (stripped), so a well maintained older boat is actually increasing in value due to the growing interest in downeast/pilothouse boats of all makes and models, as well as the rapidly escillating prices for new boats.

One more reason that it is a little more difficult to fix a price on your 2320 is because they have not been on the market as long as the 2520's. As more of that particular model make their way into the market, you'll see more of them showing up in the used marketplace with pricing set by what the market will bear.

Part of the problem in determining selling prices using Yachtworld, Boattrader, and other similar services is that many of the popular models never even show up on those services. In my area of the Chesapeake, all of the Parker models (especially the SC's) are very popular and are used by many serious fisherfolk in the region.

Because of regional fishing forums (like Tidalfish), those regional fisherfolk stay in touch with each other. When a Parker 'becomes available' in areas like that, it generally sells by word of mouth and is never actually seen in any advertisement.
FWIW - That is exactly how I found, and bought my 2520 MVSC.

Most boats depreciate with age. A few hold their (purchace) value very well. Still fewer, appreciate considerably.

I wish there were some magic formula to tell you (and me) what our boats are worth, but I believe the answer is that "it depends".
It depends on finding a buyer who is willing to pay your asking price.

If you happen to be the buyer... it depends on being in the right place at the right time... and being willing to pull the trigger on the deal before someone else does it ahead of you.

Good luck!
I think all model Parkers hold their value well. If you can pick up a used on for a fair price you can ususally sell close to what you paid for it a fews years later. Your 23 PH does seem like a hot model.