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Mar 6, 2006
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Brigantine, NJ
Hey Guys

I just wanted to get all of your general consensus about outboards...If you were buying new engines for your boat, what would you go with, 4-Stroke Yamahas, or the 4-Stroke Suzukis? And if any of you have any personal experience with either, good and bad, that would be great.

I appriciate this.

Thanks in advance.

Though I like the zuke a lot. I love the fact that it is run with a timing chain, supposively offer a ton of torque, and perform very well. However, the larger zukes are now on their 3rd ECU update and the dealer network is much smaller. I think right now I would go with the Yammie. Tons of dealers around here and doesnt appear to be going through the "update" phase..
Yea---I am leaning towards the Yamaha. I am purchasing another boat, a 19' Twin-Vee BayCat. I test rode it last week and it was equipped with a 115HP Suzuki 4 stroke and it was not running well, at least from my opinion, the dealer said it was normal the way it was acting. It was hesitating quite a bit and stuttering. I feel that the boat might have just been put in the water and run for the first time when we got in, and never was given the 8 or so hour run test in a tank, but first impressions are everything and I was unimpressed. So hopefully the Yamaha will come in soon, so I can take delivery of the boat :D

Dont worry, my Parker is not going to be tied up all summer long with the new boat coming, we will use them both...alot...
Pat - I have a 250 zuke four stroke on my 2520 DV. I have approx 140 hours on it as of now. This is my second season with the engine and I am very pleased. FYI Steve's Deepwater in Somers Point is our local dealer and it the sole reason I went with a Zuke as opposed to a new Yamm. Steve is a pleasure to deal with. For me the decision was based on service as both motors are great motors.

If you have any question give a hollar.

I had a suzuki 115 fourstroke on my old 18 and it was hands down the best engine I have ever owned. If I could afford it I'd swap out the 200 johnson two stroke on my 21 with a suzuki tomorrow That being said, I also have an awesome suzuki mechanic 8 miles from my house...
Parker":dryg5njb said:
For me the decision was based on service as both motors are great motors.

Couldn't have said it any better Brad.
If I were shopping now, it would be a tough choice. :)
If I needed new power today I would go with Yamaha.... an F-250 for my boat.

A year from now ....after the Suziki 300 has had time to prove itself... and if it is a great motor............ I would have to consider it. But it would be a long ride to a dealer if I needed them to work on it.
I notice no one here has metioned an ETEC? I don't want to be shot down on my first post, but, if I were going to repower today I'd look at the ETEC and the Suzuki.
I'd consider any manufacturer that offered a 300. :)

Bob, is the ETEC available as a 300 yet?
If so, the lighter weight of that motor would receive serious consideration from me.
I think I am going to have the dealer order me a Yamaha and have that mounted instead of the Suzuki---Every marina on my island handles Yamaha, the closet Suzuki guy is about a 35 minute drive...

Thank you all for you help!

danielb":3esdfb5t said:
Good luck with whatever you buy and enjoy not stopping at the gas dick as ofter, I do:)

"Freudian slip" ?

I would put whatever motor the boat came with, as long as it's Yamahas!

Ever seen a Regulator with a couple of Nissans on it? Might be great motors, but just don't look right.
FishFactory":3bxhyf8g said:
Might be great motors, but just don't look right.

yet Some motors just always look right 8) :p


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Greg, I'd like to see those boats in the water. :shock:
I'm betting that they are a bit stern heavy.
hmmm...That's just what I'd want my brand new Parker to look like, a state owned cop boat!

Gonna get some big letters and a green stripe for the sides to complete the look? :roll: :lol
Megabyte":24rioyhv said:
Greg, I'd like to see those boats in the water. :shock:
I'm betting that they are a bit stern heavy.

Kev, I dont think they will be doing a lot of drift fishing or slow trolling. The one all the way to the left has a Racing engine. Look at the foot of the engine..