The biggest fish you ever caught

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Nothing outrageously big but enough of these nice sized Yellowfins to keep us eating Tuna typically 3 nights a week throughout the year, until I can get out the next season and hopefully fill the freezer again. I’m a HARD disagree on tuna not freezing well. If you process the fish correctly and thaw it correctly, the only noticeable difference between fresh and frozen Yellowfin is the color…..
Nothing better in fishing than seeing a bloody deck like that!
Followed very closely by that BEAUTIFUL sound of the drag, on the reel that caught the fish, that resulted in the bloody deck dumping out line during the knockdown/hook up.

I’m getting a bit of a rush just thinking of how absolutely awesome that sound is….!
This is my 5 year old grandson and his 22" fluke. His first keeper


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