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      StrayDog replied to the thread Rigging for hoisting.
      You obviously have a passion for spending time on your Parker along with the skills to make this happen. Your boat is beautiful and...
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      StrayDog replied to the thread Bronze scupper tube cracked.
      To expand the hole if you’re replacing with PVC: • Chose the proper size hole saw for your PVC choice. • Using the hole saw make a...
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      StrayDog replied to the thread New Member.
      Welcome Huber I believe you’ll find, as I did, there’s a lot of great folks with quality experience and information to offer. Looking...
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      Thanks for the response, and for the link. When you said “Don’t over think” I thought does he know me. Overthinking is what I do. I too...
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      I’m looking to make a shade cover as a winter project. I like this example; simple, functional, and looks good. I’m wondering whether...
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      StrayDog replied to the thread Wet foam.
      So the question becomes; where is the water coming from that at is accumulating in the fuel tank bay. You now better understand why I...
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      StrayDog replied to the thread Tackle Storage 2022 2320SL.
      Here are some more tackle / storage ideas.ideas.
      • IMG_2505.jpeg
      • IMG_2507.jpeg
      • IMG_2441.jpeg
      • IMG_3920.jpeg
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