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1983 Parker 23' CC

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Mar 12, 2006
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Columbia, SC
I've decided to sell my boat to someone who has more time to use her.

1983 Parker Sou'wester 23' CC. Twin 90hp Johnsons. FF, GPS, VHF and tabs. It also comes with cover, bimini top, and bow dodger and trailer. Fuel capacity is 90 gallons in two 45 gal tanks. $10,000. Will consider trades for a 17'-20' CC or skiff. Would love to trade for an 18' Parker.

I'll get some pics tonight.
Finally got some pictures added. Also, I'm reducing the price to $9,000. I will also consider trades for a 17'-19' center console, bay boat, flats skiff, etc. Basically something alot easier for me to launch and retrieve myself.


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OK, before I end up w/ an uncompleted project in my driveway, I'm going to try to get rid of this thing.

As of a month or so ago, this has become a project boat. One or both of the fuel tanks needs to be replaced. With a little experience, it shouldn't be a hard task at all. I'm dropping the price significantly because of this unforseen task. $5500. I've got my eye on a smaller boat on another forum, so I'd really like a quick sale.

A little fiberglass work will get this boat running great and ready for next season!!!