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Nov 28, 2006
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San Carlos, CA
First post. I don't have a Parker yet, but I have a 2007 2320 on the way from the factory. It is supposed to arrive in a few weeks.

I do a lot of salmon, albacore, halibut, shark, striper and bottom fishing and crabbing in the San Francisco Bay Region. I average about 150 hours per year.

I've already run into 2 or 3 very friendly and helpful contributors to this site on other forums. They pointed me in this direction.


I assume that people here have already gone through the trial-and-error process of selecting the ideal propeller and engine height for the subject hull and engine. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you,


I believe the reason you haven't had any replies yet is because no one can really give you any advice until you have the boat, and have loaded it with the typical 'stuff' that you generally carry.

After that, you need to do a little performance testing... Then you need to determine what performance points you want to hit, for the conditions that you generally see in your area.

There is no magic bullet. :(

Your dealer should be well versed in what works on that hull, and in your conditions. If that proves to not be the case, the factory might be able to help.

There has been lots of discussion here in the past on props and performance... a handful of them posted by me of my prop testing adventures. :)

Page through the forums or use the search function and you should find plenty to read. :wink:
I believe Parker installs the motor at a height that they know is generally the "sweet spot" for that hull, bracket, and motor combo. Same for the prop. You can experiment with the prop based on how much weight you add to the boat in fishing gear, live wells, etc., but you will probably find that because Parker has shipped so many boats of your model over the years, they have the motor height and the prop dialed in fairly close.
I have the same boat and motor. My boat came with a Yamaha black steel 15" diameter x 17" pitch 3 blade prop. WOT is about 43MPH at 6K RPMs burning 20-21GPH, and I cruise at about 27-28MPH at about 4100-4200 RPMs burning 8-9GPH. I get outstanding fuel mileage. I was actually thinking of going with a 4 blade prop next year, hoping the mileage and cruise speed would improve further. 8)
Thanks, Dom. You may remember me. You gave me some pre-purchase advice a few weeks ago.

It sounds like you've got it pretty well dialed.

Is your prop the original from the Parker factory? Is the engine at the lowest position? Have you fiddled with engine height?

Thanks, again.

Jawbreaker":2ehvsntm said:
Thanks, Dom. You may remember me. You gave me some pre-purchase advice a few weeks ago.

It sounds like you've got it pretty well dialed.

Is your prop the original from the Parker factory? Is the engine at the lowest position? Have you fiddled with engine height?

Thanks, again.


I remember you. I'm glad you bought a Parker! If you need any help, let me know, I'll try my best. There's plenty of people here more knowledgable than me though. 8)

This is the setup from the factory. I'm not sure if the motor is mounted high or low, but I think it's pretty low. I notice if I tilt up (not much) while underway it cavitates easily. I usually leave it tilted all the way down or tilted up slightly.
On my 2320 w/f250 I found that best performance is to put engine on second hole from the top. Switch to mercury rev 4 19 pitch 4 blade prop. Now you will get stern lift with better handling, great traction in rough weather, better fuel economy on plane at 3500 rpm/25 mph/3.1mpg. 4500 rpm/35 mph/2.8mpg. Tabs more responsibe too. WOT 5800 rpm/48mph.
IMO, 48mph with a Yamaha 250-4 on a DV boat as heavy as your 23 Parker with the wind resistance of a PH is outstanding!

To me 48 mph is not that big of a deal especially with the steering wheel that far forward on a pilot house. Any kind of sea would not be too comfortable. The mid-range cruise speed (25-35) and mpg (3.1-2.8) is what I am excited about.

FF you need that F250 on the back of your CC. 40+ mph would get you out and back lickity split. :wink:
I need to revise my last recommendation for engine height for a current model 2320 running a rev 4 (armstrong bracket).

Running the boat light in the rear which I do most of the time, have found that in a short interval following sea that the prop will cavitate. RPMs will increase much like a spun prop at low to medium speeds. Returning the engine to the top hole (all the way down on the bracket) eliminates this issue.

The 23 DVCC is heavier in the rear compared to the 2320, so running with the engine up one hole is probably not an issue.

My new numbers with engine in top hole with Merc rev 4 19 pitch are:

400 lbs gas
400 lbs of people
100 lbs of gear

WOT 45mph 5600 rpm
2.6 mpg 35mph 4600 rpm
2.8 mpg 30mph 4200 rpm
3.0 mpg 25mph 3700 rpm


grouperjim":2ssgaezb said:

FF you need that F250 on the back of your CC. 40+ mph would get you out and back lickity split. :wink:

Yeah, I know. I'm waiting for my current Yamaha to wear out...sometime in 2017 AD. :lol:

I suggest you first try the inexpensive solutions,I have a 2006 2300CC DV which came from the Parker factory with the f250 mounted on second hole from the top and the black prop,I changed the trim tab blades from 12x12 to 12x18 (big differance),I get 42 to 43 MPH at WOT 6000 RPM with full tank (155 gals) of fuel,3 to 4 guys,full spearfishing gear,large T-Top with top gun outriggers,150 pounds of ice.

So wait until you get boat,see what kind of gear you will be using,test her out the way shes rigged,I would for sure put engine on second hole from top and change the trim tab blades (this is most inexpensive) way to increase performance on your new boat.

Your new boat is 4100 lbs dry wt,so it is a little bit heavier than mine and you may want to run her with less fuel than I do to get more MPH.

Anyhow,welcome to the greatest bunch of boat owners you will ever meet.

2300CC DV
Key Largo,FL

Glad to hear that Parker started to mount the engine on the 23 DVCC in second hole from top. Does that fix the issue with water rushing up and over the engine cowling when backing off from plane to idle?

With my engine on the 2320 down all the way (top hole) there is no issue with water over the cowl at all. Must be the way the weight is distributed on the hull. I think the 23DVCC has more weight aft.

I must tell you that although we have the same exact hull, the 23 DVCC is the smoothest riding Parker I have been on. I really miss that boat, but I don't miss the UV exposure.


I know what you mean on the ride of this 2300CC DV,its fantastic,smooth as silk,as for the UV,I have large T-Top and it covers large area.

As for water coming into cowling,I have not experienced this at all,of course when I back down I do it gradually.

Love St Pete,My brother has lived there for 25 years,hes a doctor there,popular guy in town.

More prop testing. 2006 Parker 2320/f250 same load and conditions as above.

Prop: (3 blade) Merc Mirage Plus/Yamaha SWS (15 1/4 x 19)

WOT 47 mph 5800 rpm
2.7 mpg 35 mph 4600 rpm
2.9 mpg 30 mph 4200 rpm
3.0 mpg 28 mph 4100 rpm
2.5 mpg 25 mph 4000 rpm

Note: Steering with a three blade v. four blade is MUCH easier because the Rev 4 has such a wide cone of thrust (stern lifting prop) v. the narrow cone of thrust on the Mirage/SWS (bow lifting prop). Steering: 3 blade=easier, 4 blade=harder/stiffer.

Also, the mpg/rpms really starts to decay with the Mirage/SWS at 25 mph because of the weight of the boat and the amount of slip as the boat is struggling to stay on plane. The boat is not efficiently on plane until 28 mph with the Mirage/SWS. Anything lower than that is not going to work even with the 12x24 tabs.

For me I have to be able to stay efficiently on plane in the 20-25 mph range due to the steep seas we often get offshore in the Gulf. I'm definitely going to stay with the Rev 4 even though steering is a bit stiffer. I am going to try the Rev 4 17 pitch next and with post data upon completion.

FYI--The reason for these posts is because there are no performance data for the 2320/f250 on Yamaha's website. Hope you guys can use the info.

I have a feeling you'll have whiplash w/a Rev 4-17 on your Parker. 8)
I have a Rev 4 17. Perfect fit for F225/23DV. Tops out about 5800 (from memory). Maybe 42 mph (?). Boat has t-top no bottom paint.

I visited Tampa briefly a few years ago to p/u a new Loadmaster. Do you use Loadmaster? If so, where's the best price now? Are you familar with John's Pass? A little touristy, but a fun place.